How Much Money Did AGS Make Putting People Into Negative Pheons

So people who used the mailed pheons are in the negative if they spent it. Because they had free pheons, they might have decided to gear an alt with cheap accessories… something they would normally never do due to pheon cost.

Now they are in the negative and can’t buy items like engraving books. Will they wait the weeks to slowly go into positive using free pheons? Or will they be forced to spend gold/swipe RC to get into positive pheon.

So my question is, how much money do you think AGS makes off this spectacle. 1 million, 2 million USD? Did the person who suggest this idea get a nice 50k-100k bonus?

What are your thoughts?


best time to rmt legally via the exchange as people try to buy there way out of negative :wink:

2500 hrs, im just quitting.


Their Solution is fair but what is not them saying yo you can keep them and then put people into negative after they said otherwise

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Theyre deleting threads how long will this one stay up


Considering every f2p gets around 60 more likely spent it all most of them probably have -30. So they managed to screw around 300 worth of crystals… Now if the player is a paying customer and they spent all their “free” pheons. They are screwed if they use all 24 pheon gifts.

But yeah just to say this what they are doing might land them into big legal doo-doo. After confirming it was a gift… then now this. Someone will more likely lose their job.

My guess is they finally call it quits and Amazon loses a shit ton of money in the long run

They gave free stuff, and for those in the negative they are now REQUIRED to pay it. If you are negative, you can’t use Auction house at all, even for items without a pheon cost.

And, if you use your account on multiple servers, those users got reduced pheons on all servers instead of just the one… oof

I don’t think it’s “fair”

this is hilarious. I knew something today would be a shitshow
however my guess is they will fix this at some point

I do also have 90-pheon. What I meant was that it would’ve been fair to do so if they didn’t say you guys can keep them

I meannn… They gave out free pheons when everyone was last minute rushing to use pheons. Sure, maybe a loan is a “giving” way to look at it. I think it’s shitty overall. It shows they care more about the bottom line profits than their playerbase or game health. It’s the holidays, and they are about as giving as a tax collector.

yeah it was fair until they said ppl could spend them, after that the only fair thing was to give at least 60 to whoever didn’t claim since we all have 6 free characters


They made 60bilions just from today, heard they are buying Twitter tomorrow.

Yup. If they had said it earlier I wouldn’t spend them but I did after they said it’s ok

I’ve never seen a gaming company scam players like AGS has. Isn’t it pretty cool? This is what it is. AGS scammed players into buying pheons for their profit. They gave out pheons, said it was fine to use, and then scammed players the day after by saying “oh just kidding” and put those players into debt.

Nice scam AGS. claps

agree the main issue is that once AGS said pheons were fine players may have spent it on things they normally would never buy… like gearing alt. Now they spend gold they would have never spent and have to go out of debt

Like some alt u don’t have pheon for normally but this mailed out pheon you decide to spend on it

LOL none. The number of people was not that big and there are multiple sources of Pheons in game right now. Its okay to be upset by this, but you’re being a bit dramatic.

took you a while i stopped at 700h when finished highest content there was and there was another drama,kinda forgot which. All i saw that amazon is not for this game and did not wanted to waste anymore time as i am not teenager with lot of time in my life anymore.

I was down 210 pheons what is that like 50k? I’m taking a month break for dragon flight. Was going to put in 50 dollars for reaper skins but im in the negative. I’ll just build up event pheons intill im net 0 and pass on the reaper. New expansion looks fire. Break time.

If you’re on west 210 pheons is ~63k luckily the blues are plummeting over here otherwise itd be much much more