How much players is enough for Amazon to not pull the plug?

Following the trend in users and the sentiment on the forum + lack of long term vision from Amazon I sadly fear that the game will stabilize around 10 - 20 k users. Do you guys think that will be enough for Amazon to not pull the plug? I mean they have showed they can continue to work on games (New World) but the difference here is that they are the publisher and the developers are our South Korean dictators.

What do you guys think? And do you think Smilegate will publish the game itself if this scenario happens?

10-20k players is pretty healthy for any mmo

Well…The old director had said their goal for the the West was like 40k peak players on launch… I think as far as SG at least is concerned so 10-20k is probably more then enough for them. Especially taking into account this is a KMMO which historically are vastly unpopular in the west.

the concurent player base on steamchar is around 75k to 100k if we get rid of the bot
so concurent is around 400k to 900k

you mean active bots


Guessing why… maybe they can just start to change the weird boring grind in this game and make it finally enjoyable… Not being forced to waste time grinding shit and therfore doing more raids or even PvP, or collecting stuff and such things would be BY FAR more fun.

But for now, with the “force” of playing 6 chars and doing daily guardians/chaos dungeons, this game is burning out pretty fast…

I doubt that the koreans like it (people always use the argument: But its a Koren MMO, they like it that way. F.E. in the gender lock debate. And guess what, I asked a Korean friend and he told me, that the Forum there is also full of people complaining about that stuff. They are like us… they just accept it anyhow).

Grinding MMOs are dead… n ot sure why the publishers don’t just brainstorm and swap from grind to smth more “moba” kinda… Like daily events (The mokoko event, The summer splash event and so on) for mats grinding… give us every 2 - 3 days a new way to farm mats and maybe its not that boring anymore…

Even playing mario is more fun than chaos dungeons.

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damn I loved the mokoko gold seed event

I also really loved the watergun event on the platform but stopped doing it after getting the reward I wanted (mount), rest is toilet rewards

Yeah, I mean. Look at this poll. People really do not like this stupid content… sooner or later, when the fun from raids will vanish, people will quit. The daily grind will burn out people and they don’t will continue playing this game…

i cant see the poll but in the coment the reaction seem mixed not overly loving or overly hating

well that seem quite ok

when we consider that the question is formulated in a way to favorise the no 386 to 544 seem ok

N-No! People hate them! Change it! :frowning:

Jokes aside. Chaos dungeon is indeed very dull. 80% of my friends quitted the game because of the boring daily grind… there are so many options that they can do instead of stupid hack and slash 2.0…
Its just lazy game design. Sorry :confused:

It’s super low effort for SG to maintain our version updated. I’m more concerned about servers cost.

Idk there was a vote about making guardians / chaoses 1x and doubling the rewards in KR and it was voted against by the KR community as it “felt rewarding to do 2 of them” I enjoy grinding personally as I play games as my hobby / free time. So if a game cannot hold me for the 5+ hours a day I’m willing to dedicate to my hobby / passion I’ll beat it and be done within a few weeks as most games that don’t have a grind do.

KMMO’s are categorized as such because of the approach they take to the genre in the same regard as WoW is used as the example Western MMO and style that those have. The simple tag of it explains exactly what you are getting yourself into

i mean im playing gunlancer and i enjoy doing theme
i think the issue come with player going with 12 alt that dont want to use rested bonus

the game cant be all challenging content that require focus you need some relaxed content to do between raid

What makes you think that SG cares about western players more than AGS does? They have collectively killed the game for so many western players with their stupid decisions. Us players were vocal about this for a long time but they still decided to ignore the biggest reasons of why people have quit the game.

And to answer your question: No I don’t think the game will die as long as there are content creators playing it and promoting it. After all it’s still pretty much a new game for the west and there are many people who may discover and try it out.

I don’t think we are in any danger of the plug being pulled. People are nervous about the numbers simply because they aren’t in the millions anymore. I don’t think anyone expected it to stay there, or anywhere near there for that matter. I think as long as they can hold a 5 figure daily player count, it would be a reasonable income and long-running game (which I might add would still be in the top 100 charts on steam)

I feel like 5 is pretty low for the lower bounds of this comment…

If it gets that low itll be more about SG being willing to renew the contract. If it was my lease id already be having doubts and dont think for a second i wouldnt have had people monitoring it from the dark from the get go.

Everyone secretly knows that LA is one semi decent MMO launch away from decimation.

thanks for your comments guys