How much players is enough for Amazon to not pull the plug?

If publishers switched all their mmos to mobas I would stop playing. I freaking hate mobas.

the game was doomed to die in the west just like it did in russia as it does not have any amazing features outside classes/combat/raids.

It caters to mostly semi-hardcore to hardcore players and everything you do is all about progression to raid.

no community, no content to keep casuals playing who don’t want to raid or pvp…it’s so bland and boring.

No idea why it took off as hard as it did in KR.

literally a solo game and guilds are literally pointless as you only come and do content together once a week then it’s back to solo gameplay lol.

I’m just waiting for throne and liberty then I’m out of this boring game.

I don’t even care about running chaos dungeons on my alts anymore and only doing guardians and then eventually i’ll prob stop that too and just quit. I’m just doing less and less because I’m sick and bored of playing a solo game.

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cant believe so many people voted yes

it wont change, the games players are its own coffin, as I already mentioned multiple times, the people here and on reddit (mostly here) are something speciel, they have no problem mindlessly grinding 16 hours a day the same boring shit over and over as long as it gives them advantage over normal folks who would never agree to that

the poll does not represent the majority, only the more hardcore one, and even then - more people hate the content, the rest - more casual players have already quit, so its like 90% no 10% if you ask every single player who played the game

You actually worded out how I’m feeling slowly burning out about the endless grinding… maybe reaper will fix it but I don’t think so…

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There could be 1 person still playing and AGS wouldn’t necessarily decide to pull the plug, so long as SG continue to pay them to host the game on their servers.

SG however might be a different arguement.

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