How much potential was there really in the DC fix?


Hello @2Boo !

Thanks for the report and I really apologize that you are getting this error message.

We understand that some people are still getting the error and that the fix will potentially help these players but it was not the case. As it was stated today on the Official News the team is aware that the fix didn’t work as intended and is working on get a solution to this issue.

Heroes of Arkesia,
Thank you for continuing your detailed reports surrounding disconnect issues following last night’s maintenance. The team is aware that our speculative fix did not positively impact the frequency of player disconnects, and is working through next steps to resolve this issue.
We will be using this thread to share additional updates and information as things progress. As you continue to share reports in the forums, please be sure to include information such as username, server/region, error code received, and what you were doing when you experienced this disconnect.

Thanks for understanding, and let me know if I can help with anything else.