How populated is Chadan?


is actually someone playing on Chadan? I have a level 30 char there on Luterra, but when I write something in the regional-wide chat, I do not get any response.

One answered though and said that they were just in different regions.

From my understanding, the map is devided into 3 servers right? West, East and Shushire. So everyone in the East region, for example on the event isle should be able to read it.

On my home server in EUC players are just everywhere and you always get a response. Even conversations happen there or greetings from one regular player to another. On Chadan, just nothing.

So is Chadan an almost dead server?

Thanks and cheers

2nd or third highest after zinnervale & thirain

erm read your lvl again and you would get your answer to the chat thing.

I don’t know about the specific server, but chat channels are divided by game region. East Luterra is one zone, West Luterra is another, and the Sea chat is separate still (though includes all islands). Shushire has its own, Rohendel has its own, etc.

Very few real players still hang out on the starter areas these days, and most don’t want to chat it seems.


Well, if everyone thinks and behaves like you and believe my level would be the answer why I get no response then the whole LOA community - which is complaining that no new players follow and the server population is dying - must not wonder why there are no new players or they quit.

On my home server they have been so friendly to me as new player as I rerolled in EUC, coming originally from EUW.

They all response and are willing and helpful to get you an explanation when one have questions.

So your answer ist just that on Chadan the culture is - how to put it nicely? - ehm different? To put it directly, they short sightedly believe I bring no value als lvl 30 to the game, so they are just impolite by ignoring not me, but all low level players?

No further comments to this…

Every continent has their own area chat. Generally most people are in North Vern Chat and Global Sea Chat which is all the Islands and just out at sea.

There’s a fair bit of activity in Feiton chat cause of all the folks doing feiton dailies and just sitting in Kurzan afterwords. Punika is also pretty populated just because folks like the aesthetic there.

Lutterra and most of the leveling zones are basically dead tho. No one wants to stay in lutterra cause of Bot Spam and there’s little reason to sit in Shushire or Annika cause of the lack of a major city with Cube/Boss Rush Access. Artheitine used to be somewhat populated months ago but I’m not sure what it’s like now.

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just shows how much you know about the chat system, go read what ykang307 said above,

Sorry, you were impolite, arrogant and didnt place facts to answer my question. You even have to refer to others to distract from your rudness and trolling.

Thank you very much for the fact oriented kind other fellows who were willing and have been able to answer my question. :+1:

hello @Ouvertuere
kadan was one of the highest populated on launch day, had the highest queue too
reason is every continent has its own area chat, and since you’re level 30 in Luterra, it’s ghost town since the game has literally zero new players, its barely maintaining 40k ccu atm
Sea area chat is where players mostly chat, punika and feiton
Also, as you mentioned its alive in your server but silent on kadan, could be a “who plays there” basically, as probably most of them were hardcore elitists aka rmt, many banned, burnt out, antisocial, not the casual friendly server
after merge in September we’ll see how many servers are left behind in euc
which server is your home server btw?

at 30 honestly you’ll mostly see bots all over the place. in low level areas i don’t think anyone uses the area chat and it really depends some times considering some high lvl players choose these low level areas as their home point. but most of the time people are out of it and doing islands or something else so you won’t see them in it specially when the game is filled with bots in these spots. once you reach punika at tier 3 you’ll find it better.