How should I approach t3 honing?

As the tittle states, i’m trying to figure out what’s the most optimal way to approach honing in t3. Should i just go in raw all the way till I hit lvl’s 13-15? Should I start using my additional materials early so I don’t waste mats on honing at the early stages? I been parked at 1340 stacking mats trying to figure out how I should approach this. Thanks in advance!

just use books for armor and all your extra materials for weapon

1340 to 1370 took me 2 resets (1340 → 1361, 1361 → 1377 on the day of reset) with the event but was not hard as long as i did my dailies

if you have 3x t3 chars it is probably doable in 1 week but i only had another 1310 last 2 days of the first week which slowed down progress a lot

you will also hit a limit at +15 on all gear (1370) and then you can do t3 hard abyss and argos and transfer back down to +6 on legendary gear (120k silver per transfer ouch) and then you can no longer use books (solar whatever still works)

My honest advice is

  • Stockpile all week from all your daily activities, and do Una tasks on your main that reward Honor Leapstones, you’ll need a lot of them.
  • Save your Silver. For every cooking collectable I blew 1m+ silver on is silver I wish I had back.
  • Save your Gold. There is no good reason to buy anything 1302-1370. The content is easy enough that you can get by on just your Epic Books and whatever jewelry that supports your main stat.
  • on Thursday, buy out your Bloodstone, Event, Port Ships, PVP vendors for all the 1302 stuff they offer
  • Fail hone your way up to +12 or +13
  • Start using your books & your protection items to push +12(+13) to +15
  • The books from the event shop will no longer help you past 1370, so don’t be afraid to use them.

However far you made it on that Thursday, that’s where your at for the week. Stockpile again and repeat next Thursday.

Buy copium. You will need it.


fill in material costs from AH and let the thing calculate optimal path of upgrading

Sell all tradable mats you get and buy blue crystals for Mari´s Shop. The value on mats there is a lot higher(you get A LOT more mats there for a tiny amount of blue crystals) especially now the prices for blue crystals are as low as they could be^^

If you have problems increasing your gold this way, maybe do 50/50 and only spend half the gold for blue crystals daily.

Even though i did that here and there i´m 1325 far over 2 weeks now and still not 1370. I think 1-2 weeks is only for the really lucky ones or those who spend EVERYTHING for mats.

Yeah, use this calculator if you want to be optimal

If you don’t wanna use the calculator, you can just yolo and do whatever you want