How stupid is this game?

Simple… You use 3 cube ticket then this shtty game kicks you out of the server and you lost all your reward!! Fkng shtty game


Been playing since the 1st day of headstart and have only crashed out 2-3 times ever

I made it my rule of thumb to never enter any instances that has lockouts or entry tickets until at least 2 days have passed after maintenance.


Still they never thought of sending the reward via mail incase of dc??

I never had desconect. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

i had similar happen earlier. tried to que a tier 2 chaos dungeon. the default was set on a tier 1. I x’ed out of the chaos dungeon menu on accident, and reopened, then pressed que. For some reason it reset back to the tier 1 when i went in. I excited out without killing a single thing. It still took my crystalline aura. So now my character is fucked until tomorrow. Pretty stupid that there are no safeguards in place in any of these dungeons to stop accidents from happening

Never use 3x cube tickets. Simple as that

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Simple… How stupid are you?? Fking shtty complainer crying about everything

that’s pretty much how stupid the game is, run tower 1-45, DC, tower resets to 1