How the heck do I communicate with amazon support?

Sent over 5 tickets about issues now and every time they reply wanting more info and after that you get immediately ghosted. Support is useless and tells you to submit a ticket lol


you have to keep knocking the door until a human comes out and answer you

why not just put all the information u need in the first ticket so that doesnt happen

Hello there @BirdSpirit,

I’m very sorry to hear that your experience with our support has been disappointing, that is not definitely the experience we want you to have, some tips I can share with you are that sometimes the responses from our support teams unfortunately get sent to the spam folder, so please always check there if you are waiting on a response from us also don’t forget to always include all the information you have about the issue to facilitate the investigation, unfortunately here in the forums we don’t have the option to directly see the communication or status of tickets but I will be sharing this feedback with our team.

If you wish you can share with me the reason of your contact with the support team and maybe there is something I can help you with?


I dunno if you’ve ever talked to support of various companies but they p much always answer with more questions.

My first issue was that a reskin ticket got eaten with zero changes to my character whatsoever.

Second issue is that I used scouter powerpass on the mage to be my summoner and the powerpass got deleted? Been doing this for every class since release and I was forced to use the reaper powerpass for my summoner.

I see @BirdSpirit,

Thank you for sharing the details of your tickets with me, as I was afraid unfortunately those are issues that only our support team is able check, what I would recommend is to make a new ticket (if you haven’t received a response for the past tickets in 24hrs) and add both issues in the same ticket, you can even add this a link to this post for added visibility about the lack of response from the team also make sure to add all the information they have previously asked in the past.

I have already sent your concerns about the lack of response to our team as well.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Is there a ticket ID somewhere I can post? Amazon’s site gives no indication that my account has open tickets.

Hi @BirdSpirit,

There are ticket IDs you can ask for them if you want but either way everything is saved in your account so representatives should be able to see previous communications, so you can just say that you have previously contacted if you want to reference something from a previous contact.

Let me know if you have any other question!


If they can see previous communication, why do they keep asking for the same information you’ve given them previously?

Hi @Proxin,

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to that question and I would hate to speculate.

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with!


Their reply email always says support will get back to me in 6 hrs. There’s never an actual response.

Still no response.

So…now what?


Hello @BirdSpirit,

I’m sorry to hear that you still haven’t received a response, have you make any additional tickets since you made this post? If you haven’t then I recommend you make a new one but other than that since the issues are only handled by the support team I won’t be able to provide direct assistance.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


Yes I made 2 more tickets. Never got a response for those either.

Actually…OP is 100% right. They just stop responding and hope you do too

Greetings @BirdSpirit & @StunTzu
Hope both are doing excellent today :four_leaf_clover:

I’m sorry for the inconvenience with the response of the submitted tickets.

Usually this team takes between 48 to 72 hours as maximum to respond by email , if you haven’t receive a response after that time frame, please contact with another web ticket this support team to ask for an update on the last case that was submitted.

If you are specifically following up on your last contact/ ticket, they will be able to pull up these records and let you know any updates in it.

We currently can’t search the information for you on our forums because we are restricted to request sensitive information over here to avoid any security issue.

Thank you for the understanding.

I had that same issue when asking about the broken tripod system they asked for more info I gave it to them and poof no answer