How the heck is breaking them Timers a Fix?

" * Fixed the in game event timers that were off by one hour due to Daylight Savings Time. Players will need to have have DST enabled on their computers for the clock to appear correctly."

This isn’t a fix. DST isn’t a global thing only some places have it why not just make it do its own check instead of Fing over the playerbase by forcing them to change their System time.

Is any actually CMs able to say why this was done?

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Yes this is a fix. They are fixing it so you don’t have disable time auto set DST just so your game timers are correct. If your time zone doesn’t have DST this won’t affect you at all.

These fixes have to be applied because a lot of these thing are run client side because it’s cheaper on resources for the server.

That isn’t what it says. It says you will need DST on for the timer to work…

I don’t know which version of Windows you use, but in Windows 11, there is this setting

That’s all they mean. People have been turning that off prior to this hotfix so the timers are correct in-game.

To turn that on I need to change my Timezone to one that uses DST.
So being forced to change DST settings just to use the Alarms means nothing has been fixed.

Well you don’t need to change to a time zone that uses DST. Anyways it’s not like they fix it anyways so the timers are all broken still. Plus Senate in Congress just passed a bill that gets rid of DST so all will be fine.