How the hell is this even possible?

What kind of pos server is this man? Wjy tf is this even possible. Now because of this i lost the chaos gate.

And this doenst just happen in gates, in dungeos, raids and legion raids i get impossible ing spikes, the highest one yet has been 75k.

Ags fix your damm game.

Screenshot (399)

Can’t fix it till they fix the bots by implementing phone verification from contract only phones every time you log in bots cause this

Through AGS, nothing is impossible.


I frequently die in chaos dungeons because of fps and lags. I literally don’t see the named monster on either the map or the mini-map, until I lose half of my HP.

It’s getting worse as we’re approaching the patch. I think the hype train has arrived and it’s booming

buy better internet

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buy better pc / internet

Wouldn’t solve the botting issue

There is no 100% fix but there would be a hell of a lot less of them

the massive DC thread is still alive, looks like we are due for some more compensation

Buy empathy.