How the Trusted Account system works (i guess?)


5$ being put into the Steam account and the STEAM account being 30+ days old (the steam account).

correctly me if im wrong.

This doesnt prevent people that multibox since they use real money to buy vern pass get their alts up and RMT ++ getting the trusted account status

but it does prevent people that actually botting to RMT

again, correct me if im wrong, any community managers. ;D

30 Days? My wife made a account since she never played on steam before she bought some random game in sale for 7.99 and got instantly trusted status for LA

yea, 30days old steam account

New account :

  • make steam account.
  • put $10 on steam wallet (some say $5 is enough)
  • will usually get trusted steam account
  • and hope that in 30 days ags have detect your trusted steam account status and set your lost ark account as trusted ags accout

if after 30 days, ags still didn’t detect and your lost ark account is still not trusted ags account (like this case here: Unable to get trusted status)

  • use that $10 wallet to buy RC and use itu to buy something from lost ark like Character slot
  • and your lost ark account gonna be trusted ags account

Old account should be trusted already and detected by ags, but if not follow the above step and buy something from lost ark store

:open_mouth: seperate trusted spending for game / steam?? i dont think they would do it this way right??? xd

yes. separate trust system

  • steam trust system
  • ags trust system

ags trust system must detect steam trust system
if not, even old account is not ags trusted
and must buy something from lost ark store to get ags trusted
check this post case here : Unable to get trusted status

The 30 days restriction is useless because if you think about it there is no reason bots have not pre-made thousands of steam accounts months ago in anticipation of something like this. That said they still have to put in 5$ to make it trusted which is unavoidable but I am willing to wager that on average they make back more than that 5$ investment per account so they are probably willing to do it.

Though if Amazon bans the bots faster than they can make a profit from them they will probably start being more careful about their bot practices.

At this point they should make it 6 months instead of 30 days, to take the steam out of the bots after they get banned.

If it was up to me I would make it a year, I personally don’t know any of my Gamer friends where their Steam account is less than a year old.

If it is a legitimate new account add in additional verification steps.

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