How to ask for refound?

I would like to ask for refund in Stream as I cannot join the game since the launch.

My first attempt had 21k people in the queue and today Tuesday 1pm UTC it had a 15k queue.

Stream is telling me that I cannot refound as I have too much time for game play which I don’t. I have a lot of time in queue time, not playing the game…

Does anyone know how to ask for a refund in these circumstances?


you are scammed, they don’t refund

If purchased with a CC might be able to do a chargeback on the purchase.

Charge backing on Amazon or Steam gets your account banned. Do NOT do this.

Steam has automated response for anything over 2 hours. Go to the refund options and do the ask for help option and a live person will either appeal or deny it.

if you paid by steam, and you played the game for over 2-3 hours… then you are incapable of demanding a refund.
steam rules are also taken into account when asking for a refund through their platform.

Since the packs include items that cannot be refunded (bound cosmetics, in game currency) they are not refundable, no matter how long you played the game.

You can’t refund DLC-packs, it says so under the buy button… Doesn’t matter if you bought it and asked for a refund right away. You will never get a refund.


Scammed by Amazon :slight_smile:

Don’t get it … how can a company such willingly kill it’s reputation?

AGS please refund the founders everything and acknowledge/accept that it was the most imaginable fail ever. Yes it’s embarrassing but human. The community still loves the game and will forgive over time but this scam tactics … idk :man_shrugging:

The hours in the queue count as having played so they do not refund …

what about I paid for the full pack with the game and my Crystalline benefit goes away and I cant use it. they should refund

No, they shouldn’t.