How to assign Resistance Points?

I just got this message after trying to set sail. How do you allocate Resistance Points?


First button on the left (from the 4 ones under durability, bottom middle).
What I’d like to know is how much does it cost to change the points allocation AND if it’s point allocation / ship or per skin.

IT IS POSSIBLE (LIKELY EVEN) that it costs BLUE CRYSTALS to change resistance pts. after 1st allocation. Do not yolo pick. I heard in KR they use something like 6 and 6 (in the last 2 options) but DO MORE RESEARCH (and let me know too). Unless you feel like paying 20+ blue crystals to change it later.

I would just leave it unallocated for a while and click yes on that warring every time.

For anyone from the team reading this:

This game needs a trillion warnings:

  1. Skins in shop to warn they can’t be dyed (it exists but in bad hard to find spot)
  2. Gold cost on rename Stronghold (before you DO IT ffs)
  3. Moving Bifrost pts has a 24h CD (or it costs blue gems, otherwise silver) - it has some warring but it’s when you try to move it too soon…nothing to prevent you from wasting a day by picking it 1st before finding out about cost
  4. Resistance pts. for ships costing blue gems (likely) but it says nothing about it and keeps bugging you to do it to not spam you with that warrning

Tell SMG to change this bs (instead of telling them to change names, skins, dungeon length etc.).


They won’t do the warnings…that’s how they take advantage of naive newbs to gaming like me who thought researching how to do dye change on skins before I purchased anything would be enough. I read you can only do that on purchased skins so I wasted my money on a skin I hate (girly girl who doesn’t wear dark sinister black stuff) AND every time I play it’s a reminder of how shitty it is that there’s no warning and they do nothing about it. You know that Cable guy skit from South Park? Yep - that’s Lost Ark.