How to build your character

When building your class, what do you prefer to do? Do you aim for a necklace first, or class accessory or even a stone? There must be some way people start to build their engravings. Stats first and later engravings or first engravigs…then stats.

Stone always


always start stone first. From there on out you can build your desired amount of engravings a lot easier. For example if u hit a 9 5 instead of a 7 7 it wouldn’t be great if you had to roll another potential 20+ stones to hit said amount.

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After a good cut. I work on getting engravings. Than I work on the accessories.

Don’t go past 1370 unless you have money you don’t want to keep.

There is plenty of horizontal content to do once you hit 1370. Probably over 1k hours worth if you don’t bot. Oh wait. My bad. No one does that in Lost Ark.

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Correction a lot of people do that.

Don’t you see a lot of players at the end-game players at 400+ virtue points, titles from like mokokos/Giant heart/Life skills, etc, and the horse from getting 12 igena tokens?
Some have done all their horizontal quests and are at 100% on every horizontal quest waiting for something new, I know I was at 60-70% on everything.

Is it not better to get a necklace first or class engraving accessory as they are more rare then a stone?

The first thing to get is the class engraving/engraving of choice first. After that, you can try to get the stone and finally the accessories.

Building in that order will make building future characters cheaper, especially if they use the same engraving as you don’t have to worry about your first 2 engravings and just worry about the rest from a good enough stone cut and accessory to finalize it.

If you can’t get the engravings due to the pricing and not having enough gold, focus on the first 2 engravings from your accessories as a 3|3 and try to cut a 6/6 stone and include the other engravings to get your 4x3 (with +9 from the engravings). And save your gold for your important universal engravings such as grudge, cursed doll, and backstabbing master to make building your current and future characters easier.

If you can’t get a 4x3 due to not having enough engraving books, go for a 3x3, with the same 3|3 accessories for 2 engravings and your profile slot for the other last one, and cut a stone that has at least 5 stat on the final 3rd engraving. From there work on getting your other engravings needed for your current and potential future characters.

Everything trickles down from the first 1x3 to the final 5x3 and maybe in the future 6x3.

That’s how I approached building my characters.

Stone + Engraving Books gives you a solid foundation to start from

Always stats over engravings, rings are the one place you can get away from your primary stat (as they provide less stat overall) but it still has to be at least a good sub-stat.

Once you have your stone, your Engraving books (Either +9 or +12) try and knock out your class specific engraving. It’s going to be the expensive purchases so try and find a deal, or try and make it work where you are buying Class/4th Engraving as that will generally be a bit cheaper.

Example it’s cheaper to just buy your legendary Igniter books than it is to buy 3 Igniter +5 / Secondary Engraving +3 accessories… Now you only need a single +3 accessory with Igniter and it’s done.

Then you just fill in the rest with your last 2 Engraving lines and any +3/+5’s you are missing.

Stone first then Necklace.

Stats more important than engravings If I had too I rather go 3x3 with good stats then 5x3 with expertise domination endurance.

I build all my characters like this now if they use Grudge adrenaline

Cut Grudge Adrenaline stone (Incase I cut a 9/7 or 6/10, copium) Its BIS slot stone, +5 Grudge accessories are cheaper too if I cut 7/7, alot of people are using Grudge Engraving book + class book

You don’t want to up with something like this thats why I only cut Grudge Adrenaline on my characters, it’s future proof and useable in all builds if any balance changes happen at least for the classes I play

KBW + 12 Book +12 Class Book
4+3 Neck +5/3 general engraving Earrings, 1 +3/3 Ring and one 5/3 ring

Overall this will give me 5x3 Engravings if I have a 7/7 stone, 4/3 neck will be cheaper easier to get higher quality and 3/3 Class ring will be cheaper easier to get higher quality (or was) people have caught on now.

stone first always

Doing the stone first lets you try a bunch of times to get 6/7 (or higher) with any two engravings you like.

Once you have that, you fill in the rest with accessories.

If you buy the accessories first and leave the stone for last, you now have to buy only a single type of stone (with two specific engravings) and if you’re unlucky you could be faceting those stones for dozens of times or more until you get the needed values.

my advice stone first but dont’ go el cheapo on them if its ur main.

Cut the stone that will work towards 5x3+2 build with ancients. If u end up with less than 9/7 or wrong 9/7 its fine. But always get a bit of copium to cut the stone that will last u forever.

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