How to buy the fish?

With the new 5-10 seconds systems in place after buying an item - how are you supposed to buy the fish?

You can only buy 9 units maximum.

Its so slow its faster to fish the fish yourself. How are people supposed to buy fish ? Should i take 5 hours a day to buy the fish ?

Hello @Borbarad,

Thank you for sharing your feelings on the new security measure put in place in the store. This conversation would be better addressed in the Feedback section of the forums so I have moved the post.

Please bear in mind you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:


Only took an hour…

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i am waiting. How am i supposed to buy fish ? Should i take a day off and spend 24 hours just buying fish ?

@Roxx can something be done ? This is unplayable. Its almost faster to fish the fish yourself lol

You’re buying fish so you can craft the brelshaza oreha and sell it for absurd prices day 1.

hire people for bots and stop putting these burdens on the players plz, they have not been effective at all…

How is it still not fixed ?

Are people forced to use bots or what ? How the hell am i supposed to buy fish ? What is this

9 stacks at a time

Every 10 seconds or so


Fix anytime soon ? Maybe let us buy stuff for 5 minutes once the " history is checked ? "

Buying fish seems like a una task that you can do every 10 seconds.