How to choose a specific language server

For EU West server go here:

This is for GUILD population

(i.e.: if you want to find guilds that speak the same language as you, this is a good start)

You can check server status here on the official site, to find out which one is busy.


(data sources at the end of the post. Updated 11/02/2022 14:30 CET)

GREEN is for community picks
ORANGE for sizeable populations
YELLOW for sizeable populations outside the community pick
The Spanish community does not have a specific pick but is consolidating on Wei

Please be aware that the following servers are LOCKED, you can enter only if you already have at least one character on them. (You can create additional characters no problem)


See this official post for details:











Kazeros is mostly Portuguese/Brasilero
Agaton is mostly Spanish

Server guild population:


Yes, they’re all english servers, but Valtan is the choice pick for the OCE crowd.

Server guild population NA West:
Mari and Valtan are locked

Server Guild population NA East:
Azena, Una, Regulus and Avesta are locked

Please be mindful that, if you have bought a founder’s pack, it will lock all your goodies to the first server you open it up in. Choose wisely.

Streamer’s servers

This is what I have been able to gather so far, mind you, I only have confirmation for very few, so this list might be a total crapshoot. Use it only as a vague reference


Creator Server Notes
Sywo Kadan
Lin-0 Kadan
Kanima Kadan (he’s playing in 3 regions)
Wilky Zinnervale
Neeko2lo No Specified Server Might be on Zinnervale too
Jessierocks Thirain
Senderfn Thirain
Sonius Thirain


Content Creator Server Notes
Saintone West Mari (maybe EU Kadan too)
Asmongold East Galatur
Koleverii East Regulus
Legacy Gaming East Regulus
Stoopzz East Azena
Laufie East Azena/Una Uncertain AFAIK
Kanima East Una (he’s playing in 3 regions)
Kanima West Valtan (he’s playing in 3 regions)
SONII West Valtan
DatModz East Regulus

Unofficial server-specific discords:
Kadan: Kadan Community
Zinnervale: Zinnervale - English Community
Neria: Lost Ark - Neria

Official stance is more or less “we are not going to add language tags, but this community effort is good and should be used as indication”.
Relevant post by @Roxx here. (It contains another very good infographic, maybe a bit dated)

Data gathered from:
Raw data and pie charts from the community spreadsheet maintained by the staff team of
Unofficial community picks from the recap spreasheet by Illusionate guild and random reddit posts.
Weighted guild presence from this website.
EU graphics by me.

If you are a guildmaster, and want to register your guild, see this other thread.


Dude its just a server

Spoken like a guy whos never been lost, surrounded by 2000 french.


Thank you, been having a bit of a headache on where to go… not really keen on going to the biggest servers but seems based on this that Zinnervale will be my best bet as has the biggest hub of Nordic guilds and big English speaking community.

Really appreciate the post about this.

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Or someone rolling a character on US-Illidan.
If you know, you know.

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Avoid avesta if you dont want that to happen lol

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“Dude it’s jsut a server”

3 days later… see what happened?

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Primero Muchas gracias, hay tanto esfuerzo, tiempo, contenido, etc en tu publicación que me da vergüenza preguntarte si puedes actualizar la información.

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I’m sorry but I’m probably not going to update this.
the data it’s based on is not really being updated anymore, and I do not have any other sources of public data on language distribution.