How to counter deathblade as a glaivier?

I’ve been playing glaivier pvp for a while and not having much issues fighting against other classes, however, I have a lot of trouble dealing with deathblade.

It’s like everytime I tried to engage with deathblade ends up my skills hitting on one of her push immuniy skill and I’m always the one who eats the full combo. The only chance I can engage is after she used the jump dash and the tornado. As such I can only play proactively against her, but I feel like she can freely engage with me however she likes. I’m kind of frustrated fighting against her. I feel I have no chance to win in a close combat.

I’m just looking for advices against deathblade as a glaivier. Not trying to complain about anything like deathblade is op or something. Thank you.

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By playing Destroyer instead and giving them a taste of what it feels like to bring even more superarmor to the fight. :+1:


Glavier is better then Destroyer vs DB.

Sniff some smelling salts for pre buff

Because you should only engage her after she has used dark axels. Also learn what has SA and what doesnt.

Dude I love shitting on DBs with my destroyer. It’s so funny once they realize they can’t kill me and I hit like a truck. They just run away ahhahahah I love it

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Well this only really works vs a bad DB though lol. Destroyer counters DB by denying it from committing onto your team but a 1v1 should be a stalemate.

Maybe. I just know I can take half their hp with a single swing then they run for the hills lol

Which skill? You using bigbang lol?

Haha naw, I cant hit shit with big bang so I don’t use it. If I crit with perfect swing it’ll take about 40% of their hp. Normally perfect swing will take off about 15-20% in one swing which is awesome. But I am estimating, I could be a little off with the percentages as I am more focus on other things in pvp

I was getting at just hitting them really hard which causes them to run on top of not being able to kill me as easily

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Yea its defo not 40% XD its around a 38k crit.

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Hah for sure. Definitely exaggerating the 50%. Either way just saying I hit hard and it causes dbs to run which is what I love. Death to all dbs! :stuck_out_tongue:

i usually bait their attacks and use my movement to fuck with them. sooner or later they will spam their super armor moves. once they are out they are vulnerable and i go in full force.

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just spec all dom some swift ditch chain slash and spear dive (mobility isnt that good damage isnt there either) with stampeeding slash and blue dragons claw (this skill would need the third tri though where she spins the blades). side note take your time to reset because skills will have longer cool downs obi. also cant get greedy chase to far without skills or trinket youll get it good but with these extra damage moves i destroy it so fun to watch the bar melt away the dom helps too.

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HAHA while im on my main a DB nothing excite me more than to see a laimier on the enemy team… Nothing thrillz me more when they jump in feel good about themselves cause the got in the first cc then i get up press 4 buttons and they now trying to run for the hillz …

Need a quick kill for the leh team hek i go trouble the laimier…

Now i play on my new shiny destroyer class (ONLY LVL 26) and i laugh at DBs (i feel soo bad…

Went pvp island 1 3 core perfect swing on a DB took his hp fro m 80% to 5% poor thing

So Sir Vs A DB? you pretty much need to gank n hope u can land a last hit you aint doing anything vs then nice super armor ccs he gotz

Why play a class thats more mechanically difficult for the same results right?

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True I do run away from you guys

Deathblade is the only OP class in the game currently, only because it has as good of a kit as any of the other mobile classes while doing twice the damage.

For Glaivier vs Deathblade your options are limited in terms of engagement. More often than not you can’t actually go in, you gotta run away and bait them with your counter, but don’t be too obvious cause they can stun you out of it. The best abilities to counter are the 3 knockup whirlwind things that have push immunity, and that circle attack where she jumps onto you. Other than that, keep your Vault ready for when they try to walk to you since it’s an instant knockup it’s the only ability you can sometimes get off without as much of an issue. The rest of your abilities are for running away.

I got all the way up to diamond but you have to try way too hard with Glaivier thanks to all the Deathblades running around. The real solution to Glaivier vs Deathblade is to make a Destroyer alt and chase the deathblade players the whole game until they ragequit and never play pvp again.

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You fight them differently in a 1v1 than a 3v3

In a 1v1, I bring the third tripod of chain slash that turns it into range. I do it specifically to poke at other martials I don’t want to engage on but want them to engage on me. If I hit the DB with stagger I immediately follow up with my knock up and combo then reset. if I don’t I walk away. Always be waiting for the DB engage, juke it don’t try to use red counter unless you took the T3 super armor on it because DB’s like to follow up with their stun or whirlwind. Once they burn their engage you’re free to continue harassing, if you get her to your left or right you can likely engage with Starfall but it’s risky. You never really want to be straight up trading, you want to use your superior mobility and range to punish anytime the DB gets soft cc’d. If you’re in a close quarters dogfight you’re going to lose because of their superior super armor.

In 3v3 I avoid letting the DB full engage on me and usually pay extra close attention to my allies, peeling and punishing the DB anytime they full engage.

If you still have problems with DB, make one and pvp with it. It was my first main so Its much easier for me to tell what they’re doing and what they want to do. Being familiar with another classes kit helps loads in fighting it


I endorse this advise as a DB main… once i see a DB while playing my destroyer I shut it down I know what they gonne do i know what button they gone press next … worse if they trying to mess with my teams sorc/ bard/ paladin … I can out spin ur moonlight sonic buddy stop u from using it too LOL dont even try stun after that kncok up ima stun first