How To Create The Sexiest Monokini Summer Outfit

Coomer concept but I love it

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Dunno about Leopard Pattern tho

Thank god its summer! So excited!


Can you share your character preset please? :slight_smile:

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The creator did not share his preset

here is the preset i made, almost identical to her :3

Me good english, me better is all I hear, cmon Hanoth

This will be a nice summer!

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Wtf is a “bomer” :joy:

Keep sharing good setups :slight_smile:

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This is the good stuff. I’ll save this for research purposes.

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@Laforgus best summer uwu

@Cadaveri aww happy you liked it uwu

@Mirascylla ‘research purposes’ :joy:

I got the preset SUPER close to the original I feel like, wanted to add it onto your post as it was thanks to you for providing all this wonderful information <3




oh my god, love it, that’s almost identical, thank you so much my friend <3


this is so well done, you’re the best :heart_eyes:

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Wait the Royal Ribbon Headband is actually from the same summer event as well? been waiting for big puffy ribbon ears for awhile now and it’ll be a nice addition to the 20 day cat ears we get as well!


no you tee hee love you <3

yes it is tee hee
the ribbon is so adorable yus uwu

Do you know how many we can get from the event ^-^? Really want to put one on each female class.

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This is the most beautiful skins in the game right now :joy:

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