How to deal with striker?

Should say that I dont think the class is broken, especially when supports and sorc exist, but I think my win rate against striker is the lowest compared to all other characters. I used to play only Shadowhunter but now I’ve switched over to Artillerist because of getting clapped by strikers but even as artillerist I still find myself getting my cheeks caved in by striker. Any tips?

In a 1v1 scenario I don’t think much can be done vs a striker unless you play something as good as them or better (glaiv, dblade).

As a SH you actually have skill priority over strikers, you can use that demon uppercut ability(human counter ability?) Before they land their knockup and will get them first. You can also use spiky thorns to stop their big jump (phoenix advent) mid air. Just need to practice timing. Shadowhunters are one of the best kiters, you should use that mid range chain ability that slows opponents down and let them overcommit to close the distance.

Arty i am not familiar with, your super armor shield is when you are pretty much a big danger otherwise its meh.

Strikers sometimes overcommit to catch someone as well, they spam all their buttons and are stuck with no abilities left to chase, this is usually a good time to turn while kiting them.

Edit: In a 3v3 scenario, stick with your team, the striker usually gets caught very easily due to no super armors so he can’t really jump into 2-3 people unless he catches them by surprise which should normally not happen but we would not play pvp if everything on paper was true.

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Shadow hunter will get hard countered by a good striker apparently. I’ve lost to a fair amount of them but I believe If players are of equal skill the striker should always win. With art it’s hard to say, I think they are strong and a Korean GM says they counter striker. I’ve seen some pretty potato brained arts though so idk. Some classes are going to counter others in this game. A good blade won’t loose to a striker of equal skill.

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Hamburgler I’m main SH in pvp, but I created Striker for the only purpose **to learn Striker playstyle in pvp **. The same advice I give to you! Play more classes!

As SH you need to use Demon Vision at the RIGHT TIME! Also Rising Claw!
These 2 skills! Learn how to manage them and striker will not be so “broken” in ur eyes.

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Bro the only way to win as striker vs DH is to dodge/baitout her first attacks and then kill her with one ongoing combo to 0.
Otherwise DH shits on Striker asfuck. You can literally facerun into him and spam your shit and get a striker down to like 30% hp. Unless striker has loaded gaugde there isn’t even anything he can start with vs DH due to more cc-able skills from Striker compared to DH.

That was what I always thought , according to these forums though striker is Z tier and should not be loosing any matchups they have. Especially against any ranged class or blade


Depends on your class, I always counter them when they’re going to jump at me with a Deadeye ability. It’s a matter of practicing a little in casual.
I think Air Raid or use you Energy Field in the exact moment can help you for make comeback.
There are some gunners who use the long jump that also helps to escape and knock down enemies along with the vortex that gives slow, even if maxroll gives you “the best config” for artificer, I don’t see many who are good with it.

how to deal with WD and Striker:

  1. DOnt run away from your teammates
  2. Throw any cc under striker/wd when they engage
  3. Profit

Those classes have NO superarmor, you can peel them for days from your teammates and they can peel you.

Also if striker or WD catches you dont worry, it is not Deathblade, so he wont delete your healthbar 100-0.

Also not wasting “get up” button is rly good idea since 99% of thier kit relies on knocking you down, unlike other “definitly not op” class that throws you into air and stuns when you land.

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