How to fix current issues withouth creating more issues

So we have seen a trend of people worried about t1-t3 buffs and feeling they would have “wasted” their time , while i do disagree and i think its whatever , i dont think anyone that likes this game wants another wave of bullshit and people quitting or malding , so here is my sugestion.

1-Bring challenge raid and etc next update , push back legion raid 1-2 weeks , and announce the honing buff in 2 weeks , this way i think it will please everyone cuz whales can farm for more 2 weeks and stay ahead of everyon , whoever think hes getting shafted for using their mats before honing buff have 2 weeks to farm or whatever

2-Bring costumes , cute ones , and edgy ones you would be surprised how people can be happy about silly shit

3-Up the pace of classes , announce 2 classes being released at once , show some goodwill towards players so players can do the same in return

4-We dont have a road map , but please comunicate , say things in advance , let us know we all saw how this sudden argo thing could be avoided and the huge wave of issues a single thing created , if we just had challenge raids and 2 costumes everyone would be poggers , game is so good dude i love lost ark , amazon is not as bad as we though dood , damm gonna level my alt , its literally how it would go , i honestly think whoever is making decisions is really removed from the average player or was extremaly unwise/malicious , because whatever money you milked with it you would make on the long run and probally more if you just gave what people wanted

5-Bring pvp season faster , if possible in the coming week , if its its unviable to bring that try to bring it even in the middle of the week , we just want cool shit to look foward , dont overthink it to much

6-Also do a pvp tournament give content to people , i honestly dont know how you could make so much good things and you endup doing the worst possible thing , literally what is 50-100k for a pvp tournament in a month or so

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