How to fix RMT slowly

Here’s my take, i think they should just help the “loyal” cashers by buffing and putting big juicy honing boxes in the shop like KR has. There version has so many deals for honing materials and we were denied it after they withdrew the punika chest x3 with 20k+ worth of gold for 30 bucks and i was lucky enough to snatch it and it juiced my alts to 1370 with no effort. Not only will it help the player base get ready by having more alts 1370 or 1415 generating gold to pump main but it will give you guys the cash that the RMT cheaters are denying you by using third party :slight_smile: also help the f2p as well! Don’t pressure cm here they cant do much about patch notes delays and cheaters but we can ask our korean fellows to give us a voice towards SG about these issues we have since AGS isnt doing anything

It might help a bit but people rmt to get specific things like gold engraving books

yea true the most expensive part of the game is engraving but it is no unnecessary until breshalza so not sure why people think 5x3 will help them against vykas mechs xD or kakul hopefully they give us something good to buy in cash shop so loyal player dont rmt