How to Fix the Bots, P2W and keep Casual Players in 2 small changes

Right now most of the P2W is to get mats to hone. People get frustrated at low drop rates and go to the market to get the mats they want. To pay for them they need Gold. There are 2 simple changes that can make all of this irrelevant and completely decimate bots market.

  1. Make all mats roster bound. Shards, Stones, Fragments, Leapstones, everything.
  2. Let us grind Chaos Dungeons, Guardians and so on for mats 10x per day. Increase the cube drops and so on. Let us grind.

I don’t mind grinding. I will NOT spend $2000 or $10,000 on a video game, nor will I chug alonng 20 Leapstones a day since they are char bound. Right now even if I wanted to grind I get 2 chaos dungeons and after that they are pointless. After 2 guardian raids the raid gives literally nothing. I can only run one abyss per dunceon per week? Why? I cant rerun the story dungeons 20 times? Why?

Probably about 1 or 2 hours dev time and fixed.

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??? But there are people who don’t mind spending money on mats and don’t want to grind for hours. Also this is the way LA makes money. Your ides is completely nonsense lol. This is nothing that needs a fix. If you want to grind play 6 alts every day, all mats from there should be enough. Also - this is a game, chill and just play it. You don’t have to be at 1400 NOW

I am more interested in keeping the game from needing whales that put in $10,000 per character than this. Also this would wreck the bot economy. All a win. And unless you have a TON (in the thousands) of money to spend on buying gold, that wont be cost effective. Now its possible you are a customer of gold bots which allows you to get $10,000 in gold for $50 in which case you should be banned as part of the problem.

There are plenty of other things in the store to buy and you can always buy mats off the official store for real money.

The biggest problem is the most fun content in game has the worst rewards. Ghost ships and guardian raids have the worst rewards in the game, hell even dungeons have low gold counts compared with infinite chaos. It just doesnt make sense. Ghost ship rewards are so bad I don’t run ghost ships and its a shame because the content is fun. Its just there is so much more rewarding content that i can do during that time.

Also forcing alts isnt fun for everyone. I wish they’d make runs account bound so rather than having 2 runs per alt, you get 10 daily runs. So you could take the character you enjoy playing most. A lot of people dont like alts and isolating those people over time will lead to a drop in player numbers. I have no problems with alts but in lost ark they are almost mandatory.

People will say alts are fun, well thats fine. If you really like alts you can do 2 runs each on 5 characters but why force others to have to enjoy what you enjoy?

“how to stop making money”

They just don’t care mate, deal with it.

You make really good points.

Personally, I don’t care too much about it. Hear me out though, let the big killer whales and blue whales and krakens spend there money on materialistic items that are made out of 1s and 0s until they realize by reaching the end they have nothing to do anyways.

Makes my time wayyyy more worth it because I achieved my goals in the game without spending a coin. I can then further give these P2W players the middle finger later when they get own by my F2P characters in PVP and PVE.

This post is an excellent example of asking to have easy way instead of grinding just like how MMORPG intended.

Why not just give us instant T3 Passes for silver and 10k of each material just for logging in everyday? all t3 materials going to be 1g at market in less than 1 week atleast on EUC, because with all the free materials EVERYONE will be T3, like come on t3 weapon stones are 15g on EUC, and t3 leap stones for less than 50g, and tomorrow with the reset i believe the weapon stones will be like 5g so i dont see any issue game is already CASUAL and EASY AF, the problem we will have is that our only way to make gold as F2P will be abyssals and Una quests tokens… so game will turn atleast to me into a casual log in 1 time per week game just like it happens at korea and they will dont reward us for daily grinding anymore, at this point it feels like a waste of time to me to make 5 T3 characters i did to sell materials at market if now i can’t make almost any profit for the effort + gold invested,

Sheesh the number of straw man arguments in this thread is epic.

“You want them to stop making money.” - No not at all, Smilegate/Amazon/Tripod can put up more mats on Mari’s store. But then I suspect many of you aren’t getting your gold or mats from there. I wonder where you are getting your gold to buy leapstones at 50 a stone for T2 and god knows how much for t3. :thinking:

“Why not have instant passes …” - No one asked for it to be easy. Grinding 10 chaos a day isnt easy. Running 4 alts to feed a main isnt easy and nothing I asked for will make it easy. I suspect you gold bought your way to where you are and want to gold buy it to the top. People doing that are the problem.

The solution is elegant. Combined with ability to buy unlimited mats of the store and people can still be whales and put in 10k if they want but others that neither wish to, or can, spend that kind of money can still enjoy the game.

Another thing that would be great is an exchange old tier mats for new tier. But first thing’s first.

Understood, no reason Mari’s secret store cant still sell mats.

They can still sell mats on Mari’s store. No problem.

Adding the casual guardian raids is interesting but I dont want casual content really. I want to be able to grind for my gear. Those wanting to buy mats, more power to them, they can go to the official store and buy from there.

How is this fixing bots ? They are just going to abuse this even more than the average player.

At this point just add an npc that sells stack of mats for 1 gold, it’s literally the same thing than what you are asking since you are begging to devaluate honing mats even more.

If LA does this the bots wont have a significant economy. The only thing bought for gold in massive amounts are the mats. They would have a much smaller economy and a lot fewer customers to sell to. I am not begging to devalue honing mats. I am asking for them to be unsellable except in the F4 shop by official sources but at the same time more easily obtainable in game and roster bound, not char bound.

Naturally that means you wont be able to buy gold off the bots and buy mats but I’m not too bothered by your discomfort in that.

That’s what i am telling, i have tons of leapstones and moonbreathes on my main and they are bound character, it makes no sense. Make it Roster bound so we can use these mats we get.

Hell no, I feel (i don’t know ofc) more people would quit. People like to grind to sell to make gold, that’s their endgame. Also more casual player (people with jobs and responsibilities) would hate this as they would be even more behind cuz they won’t grind 10 guardians or chaos dungeons :smiley:

I can fix it for you in one smooth move. Just download this and enjoy non-P2P-P2W-P2X F2P game:

this literally doesn’t fix ANY of the issues you say it will fix.

  • this won’t fix bots, because bot are not just selling honing mats
  • this doesn’t fix p2w, because as long as you can buy ilvl, then people will say the game is p2w
  • this doesn’t help casuals because casuals hate to grind, so the 10X chaos is no help.

Wrong on all three counts. Without the mats problem the amount of people demanding gold to buy mats goes down.

Casuals, like me, don’t mind grinding if its possible. If they don’t then this isn’t the game for them or they should use real $. The problem is I CANT grind. I can only do so many items of content so I am pretty much forced to log off because I cant progress for days. If I get a weekend and want to game out I am gated in content that I can do and is effective.

As for people calling it P2W, I suppose you are always right, people will whine incessantly. However, the argument will have less validity than it does now where you need to put $10,000 into the game to get high GS.