How to Fix the Bots, P2W and keep Casual Players in 2 small changes

The player that hates being behind and doesnt have a lot of time to grind can buy mats off the official store. This isnt a really hard logic jump there. Making everyone top GS isnt a solution. Its a game. There is no “I WIn” button so stop looking for it.

Played it, enjoyed it. But its not this game so its an invalid answer.

In the very first post I said make all mats roster bound.

There also should be a mats exchange where you can trade lower tier for higher tier at some ratio.

Just as an addendum to this post, it would be great if I could trade up shards from T1 to T2 and so on at some conversion rate.

The latest content introduced is great but only a one time shot for existing chars. If I roll a new char the problem will be unchanged. This solution here will fix it.