How To fix Yoz Jar, removing rng while keeping the skin sink

Yoz Jar provides a useful purpose in removing unwanted skins from the game to provide new skins. In other regions dismantling a skin provides 7 pieces of cloth and 14 pieces can be use to rng a new skin. What I propose is that AGS change the jar to guarantee the skin you want but change the cloth costs. Say an elite skin from the jar costs 14 cloth and a legendary skin costs 77 cloth ( this is the same cost as the average in other regions just without rng and jar costs) if the cost is a problem they can easily be adjusted as well (30 cloth per piece of a legendary skin would be around 80-90$ for a skin).

And make all the other skins obsolete? Its a terrible idea as it will flood the market with the legendary skins. The rng part of the jar was what made the skins exclusive, now that that is gone every nanny and grandpa around the block will be rocking with legendary skins.

Legendary skins in other regions aren’t exclusive, you can buy them in the in game market for gold after people roll for them and the cost is related to how much it takes to roll on average. What makes the skins exclusive is that they release new legendary skins each year and you can no longer obtain the old ones, which will still be the case.