How to get a full set of 1340 armor?

I got like 5/6 pieces, I reached 1370 on my main right after the weekly reset to im still missing a piece. I just got an alt to 1370 as well using the punika pass but it also has the same problem. Should I just focus on other alts or is there a way to get at least one of my characters a full 1340 set so I can try to get to 1415 before the next reset or something?

You run oreha hard and buy both chests, pay a bus or get a carry on argos p3 and buy the chest, craft 3 pieces argos (no weapon), 2 pieces choosen and weapon choosen = 6x 1340 armor pieces

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Thanks, but I was still one Argos piece short on my alt somehow despite buying all chests? Am I missing something?

are you sure you did phase 3 ? maybe you crafted argos weapon then you cant get 6 as well iirc but not sure on that one

Oh nevermind I realize I missed one of the oreha raid chests…

Since I missed one of the chests, do I just wait until the next weekly reset or is there another way to get at least one of my characters a 1340 set?

only argos and oreha give you mats for this so unfortunately you have to wait until next weekly reset