How to get a stone 7/7

the one i need costs 1k+++ :smiley: SADGE

& it dont get higher than 6/7

I finally managed 7/7 of it was surprising I did not expect it to happen only 2 negative

This is why calculators are worthless.
There is no complicated math required, all percentage always the same.

Get lucky
tho i would not mind some sort of pity for stones
especially when pheons are involved

Pretty cheap, try with one stone costing 3k :smiley:

Honestly u dont need a 7/7… Thats overkill and highly unlikely to get. just aim for a 6/6 and call it a day. 6/6 is good enough for 5x3

If you dont want to waste tons of money you can try your luck with 10 stones and then just buy your legendary books.

Also a stone that is like 9/5 works too. (i aimed for a 7/7 as well but landed a 9/5 which is the same thing).

Also if your class uses adrenaline, you can have adrenaline 2 instead of adrenaline 3, it’s still efficient.

25 stones and I got 7/7 not bad

to get 5x3 with 6/6 requires 2 legendary books. 7/7 lets you get by with 1

It depends on what the price of your stones is

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One does not experience pain if he hasn’t cut a 4/5/7 :sob:

Lol The pain of refining equipment is more painful to me

i have the same situation on main, 19 legendary stones to get a 6-6 and now 21 relic stones to get a 7-7 so far and no success.
on alts tho… everything works on first try >.< 6-6-2 on an epic stone even…

it’s called balanced RNG, for fairness purposes. The more power you already have the worse chances you get.

But that’s virtually impossible to get. One simply stops wasting silver when they reach 5 no matter what :stuck_out_tongue: Did your cat do it while rubbing on mouse or something? :cat2:

Or just get 33332 and call it a day lmao. You don’t need 33333 until 1490 anyway and even then, you really don’t need it. Don’t try to min max and this game becomes a lot less stressful just to get a 3 percent dps bump for content that isn’t even dps heavy.

7-7 stone ? why are you even struggeling to cut that… 7-7 is easy and no im not trolling i have changed builds on alts and cut so many min 7-7 stones etc on the first stone…

You must be the luckiest person in Lost Ark.

I have tried and tried…my luck is bad.

Believe and you shall receive. Preach the stone, give into the stone, and the stone will be yours. By my decree I give you the power of judgement. Your stone is decided by the hand of the curator (you) and only the curator (you). By the rights and powers bestowed upon you the stone will be yours and it will be glorious. Let’s all give a prayer to this man’s journey to have a glorified stone. Let the ritual of gold sink sacrifice begin.

It will happen all of a sudden just keep trying