How to get a vern powerpass/knowledge transfer?

I didnt even know there was a max of 9 total transfers and used them all. Came back (Returning player) and tried to boost a summoner but I cant. Does this mean I HAVE to do the story all over again? Or is there a way to skip and get to 302 ilvl?

swipe 11$

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There’s a current powerpass running right now that will take you straight to punika. You can use it on the Character Selection Screen. (You’ll might need to find it in your mail first then activate it).

It’ll take you straight to 1320 and you have hyper express your summoner which will help her reach 1445.

If you completed Punika previously. If not, you should have a powerpass for Vern ilvl 302 sitting around somewhere. Otherwise, you’ll have to complete the story I think pass Vern?

Isn’t the 9 limit for Yorn? I don’t remember there being a limit on the first couple of knowledge transfers :thinking:

9 is limit for every knowledge transer

Already used it wanted to get a summoner alt.

You can skip doing Shushire (I think) and Rohendel (definitely), and sail to Yorn by honing straight to 600. You can also skip Feiton and sail right to Punika by honing to 960.

Otherwise there’s no skips I’m aware of, and the downside is your character won’t automatically be given access to the Shushire/Rohendel/Feiton zones other than the port area in case you wanted to go look for a wandering merchant or something.

There’s a chance they’ll raise Knowledge Transfers in the future – though nothing really official mentioned.

Otherwise you can enjoy the original storylines, maybe they make more sense now. Or … G-spam through them.

At some point there’s a QOL update coming where you can hold Shift+G to skip dialog the second time through but I have no insight when that’ll come. It’s live in KR though.


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