How to get cheap 5x3

I see a lot of posts how expensive building 5x3 is. Just pick less popular class or someone who doesnt build spec as main stat and you already save over 100k on accessories. Swiftness and crit accessories have huge supply and they are cheap af. You dont even need grudge books and instead you can use cheaper books like ambush master.
A lot of classes have slightly off meta builds that are very cheap to build and work just fine and if you hate it you can slowly work towards that more expensive build.

i agree supports should just swap to a cheap dps instead

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As 5x3 support myself, its pointless investment. Going 4x3 with good quality is the way on supports unless they make drops spawn further away from the user. But even then its not necessary to go 5x3.

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If you choose a class that nobody plays which also uses crit/swift. It’s very easy to build 5x3. Otherwise forget about it unless you wanna whale or grind all day everyday. One that comes to mind right now is Suppression SH.

I have pistoleer deadeye and eso striker. Eso striker builds mostly swiftness, accessories cost me 10k and deadeye does build spec however if you build around precise dagger you can get accessories for under 10k aswell. I think there are more martial artists who build swiftness.

picking a class u dont like
prob quit bro

Support is cheapest class to build, most expensive sup stone is like 400g on NAW
Accessories are in the range of 40-70k (checking as I am writing this, 5 expert 3 awakening 100 quality ring is 55k on NAW) not to mention that support can build 4x3 and be fully effective, which means they can buy accessories with +5 and +3 troll engraving which makes it dirt dirt cheap. (checking also as I am writing, 100 quality 5 expert earring is 2k, 100g starting bid)

By far the cheapest classes to build are supports, with 0.3 ounces of brain you can make a 4x3 build with high quality that won’t even cost you 25k. If you really want a 5x3 build, you can get 100 quality absolute BIS pieces for as little as 50k. For my dps classes 1 blue/purple quality accessory costs 250k.

It reeeeeeally depends on the class, even for DPS

Getting a 5x3 will be cheaper for certain classes over others

Some are cheap because of supply, some are cheap because of combinations of engravings

The single biggest piece is usually the Class engraving piece (assuming you have books), or pieces if you don’t

Those are usually the bulk of the load, mostly because those are the most rare

More classes that are played = higher chances of being sold on the AH, however might cost more due to the amount of people wanting to buy

Less classes that are played = lower chances of being sold on the AH, however might cost lower due to the number of people wanting it

Then again this happened when I was hunting a LC piece for my 5x3, someone really wanted it

So there’s always exceptions to the rule

Except Shadowhunter, that stuff is just plain ridiculous all the time every time even with all the alts lol

I one was Building a Vykas Group, missing 1 Support there joined a Bard with Master of Escape / Crisis Evasion / Strong Will / Heavy Armor and Diving Protection…

My mate asked me if im serius? I just say what do u mean 5 x 3 Barde 1490. After looked my self insta kick.

Cuz u are supp dont mean u gona get taken insta. That what i learned now.

This is cheap to you? Can you lend me that credit card of yours real quick plz


…I’m sorry

can i still borrow your credit card though?

I would but my dog ate it

He was concerned for my financial safety

…Smart dog

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He was wearing gvg gear bro

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cheapest 5x3, take Shield Piercing! only 4gold per book! :rofl:
Or my bard bought max mp increase and vital point hit for 5 gold per book… can also buy drops of ether (570g) and heavy armor (1650g) rest dont bother…

if it gets bought out
Ambush 10K

n u cant win
grudge 5/3 acc are exp

Whaaat I’m transferring myself from EUC to NAW, my 5x3 bard accessories cost me around 100per piece and I was checking the market for 3 weeks until I finally had all the pieces. And the funniest part is that these were without class engravings. Only Expert/Awa/Vital/Heavy armor. 3x3 useless relic costs 40k like wth

its not true guys. The cheapest class is shadowhunter lolll

Some guy was calling me out how I lied and looks like CMs removed both his and my reply for some reason. But here’s the proof

Support stuff might be cheap but DPS is insanely expensive. Spec accs at least are.