How to get the rest of the transformation toys?

So over the time spent playing, I’ve been trying to unlock all of the toys/transformations in the game. I’ve managed to get most of them but there’s still a few that I’m not sure how to get (the ones being the beer and snowman transformations). I’ve previously done the quest before and have gotten one of the styles before the update where u can now consume them in the toy inventory. Now I’m trying to figure out how to unlock the additional styles since it wont lemme do the quest again on my other toons. I would appreciate any info that would help me unlock the rest, thx.

The beer suits are from Gesbroy, and the scarfs are from snopang :slight_smile: The Fish is from world leaves I am pretty sure, not in game to double check that one at the moment :slight_smile:

Ye I know about that, but I wondered if there was a way to redo the quests that give those rewards. The fish one isn’t available to unlock atm since u need 66 world leaves (61 is max).

Oh, my apologies, I would have to double check, but im pretty sure its per character, and not per roster. So just see if you can re do the quest chain on someone else. :thinking: if thats not the case, i would be stumped and sorry that I cannot help further

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Can you get multiple beer suits? Different colored ones?

After the update, u only need to claim one then u’ll automatically have all the styles. But before, no.

Can i do it on a different character?