How to get the Turtle Ship Skin?

I looked online to try and figure out how to get this Tortoyk Arong Turtle Skin for my ship BUT I can’t find anything about it. Does anyone know where I need to go OR what to do without giving me to many spoilers I just need to know what I need to do and/or where to go.

Thanks so much

I am not sure exactly but as i remember it may have connect with “Collectibles”. I remember that skin too. If i find out , i will reply again. Have a nice game fam <3

If any one else is wondering it is tied to the Island Token collection collection (80 tokens)


Ohhhh… I will have to look into those. How does one get these? Do we need to do certain quests? Go somewhere else on the map?

Man that one is hard eh? You get one unique island token every time you “complete” said island. And every island has its own conditions for achieving that. Some some simple questing but others are more complicated.

If you go to the collectibles menu (alt + l) and click island tokens and hover over each section on the map, it will show you the island with tokens in that map section and how to get it. Some are drops from chests, some are through quests, some are through rapport rewards some through buying in an exchange, etc. Some token are easier to get than others. Even the quest rewards are not something you can get easily but you may not have unlocked the needed quest yet.

TLDR: the island token rewards, like other collectible rewards, are a long-term thing and you’ll be able to get the ship skin as you collect more tokens over time.