How to get Twitch drops?

How am I supposed to get the Helgaia pet from twitch drops if the only 2 channels that are supposed to drop it never stream?

There are 3 different drops from those 2 channels, they all require 4 hours watched… the official Lost Ark channel has streamed 4 hours TOTAL in the past 20 days… the other channel doesn’t have any videos up, and neither has a schedule for me to try to keep track of them…

What’s the point of making a drop campaign that goes until march 1st if you won’t stream to allow people to get the drops?

I already got the first 2 drops because there are a ton of streamers with them enabled, but with how it’s going I won’t be able to get the other 3 since there’s no way to get them…

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I got it, no problem.

The drops were a FOMO feature. You either were there the whole time or have to accept that, at this moment, you can only get the T4 drop.

If that’s the case then they should have ran those drops only until the release instead of keeping them on, but unobtainable until march…

same problem, why they keep drops until 1st of Mar if they do not streams for them?