How to give good feedback to customers

Be positive - Tell us what is being worked on to address our problems, not just what you can not do.

Talk to us, not at us - We are your advocates, the portion of players that come here are the ones that are most invested in your game, we are the ones who will bring you more new players than any advert you pay for on any website.

Meet us half way - We are clearly annoyed, we have told you why loud and clear you continue to only address half those points, this is not meeting us half way.

Treat us as though we are valued - Rather than fobbing us off and talking down to us.

Be our voice - You are the one who is our voice in those emails and meetings.

Keep us updated - Vague notions are not enough we require concrete facts, at this stage anything less than “Yes we are working on X y And Z” is not going to assuage anyone.

Official forums can either be a great place for dialogue or at best a sluice gate to keep all the brown stuff from spilling out. Which do you want this one to be?

Above all, make our time and money feel valued, not an afterthought to enable you to chase the next dollar/euro/pound

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