How to give quality feedback

Dear Lost Ark,

I think you should take your own recommendations when it comes to giving quality feedback. Let me try it:

[ At lvl 12 I was given the “Reach the peak” quest. After many attempts I could not seem to make it past the point in the quest that was a timed sprint to a location. It wasn’t until I had clicked all over the room that I realized I needed to pick up this ball to progress further. The conveyance of the requirements was an issue for me.
Clearly states what the issue is
Clearly communicates their experience and frustration without excess hyperbole

My feedback

  1. At level 50, after finishing all quests I was given access to end-game activities like Chaos Dungeon, Abyssal Dungeon, Guardian Raid. After many attempts in matchmaking I could not make it pass the point where the matchmaking worked. Only after 30+ tries I realized that there was a problem with Matchmaking. A problem that people are talking about for a week.
  2. Also, every day after I finish work (around 6PM CET) when I am looking forward to log in Lost Ark. After starting the game I end up in a 10k+ queue (when I am lucking and do not disconnect) and wait there between 1-2 hours. Another problem that people have been reporting since launch and nothing has been done to fix it (and no I do not count launching a new zone a fix). Sorry but after 100h+ and 100$ spend in addition to Gold Founders pack i don’t really feel like moving.
  3. adds in wall of text as per feedback recommendation - to summarize Crystalline Aura not working

My kind request
Please try to follow your own rules when it comes to feedback for players and actually provide real feedback to players.

There has been a significant lack of communication both from Smilegate and AGS on this issue. We have
A. limited acknowledgement on these issues (you know about queues but not about matchmaking)
B. no immediate solution and
C. more important no ETA

No clue what is happening and when is this going to be solved. I truly believe that you are actually waiting for players to leave and for all the problems to be solved by that. This is a bad customer practice and will not help you on the long run.

You might ask why I made this long post. Because I have been looking forward to play Lost Ark for the last 6-7 years. Never tried a VPN, waited patiently for NA / EU release. And I would like to see this game succeed.

I like this game and I want to keep playing it. But please at least talk to us, show a roadmap, that you are working on fixes, something to keep us around.

All the best,
A Lost Ark player :slight_smile: