How to hone efficiently so u guys can stop crying


Hey! That how I hone! It is wearing me out!

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Nice G2G enjoyer gear


sorry to break it to you but this is plat founders only progress at 1550 hours. u guys just arent honing efficiently


Im so shocked after reading the guy above in a different post that he immediately hits you with the g2g enjoyer. Trolls everywhere its unreal.

Nobody can be more progressed than I am or else they are dirty RMTers

You have almost double my playtime and I think I play a lot… I’m sorry but I have to do say this. Go touch grass XD

You might have as well been a g2g enjoyer with that many hours AND plat founders pack. Also paladin master race

i started working last week. so im def gana touch grass and start buying royals for future skins


until now i dont even know what g2g is. I only heard u can buy 2nd hand games with stolen codes.

no, they also sell lost ark gold on every server lolll for your favorite game lolll
this is why he has no pve competition on this game, it’s already dead since you can buy ressources from day 1. no value done!!!

He would have no silver if he was RMT’er and looking at the silver he looks more like a 5+ alt enjoyer.

How do I know? I have 30mil silver as well by playing 7 chars.

You can’t really prove anything since people can still convert gold to silver, I’m also playing multiple alts with most of them above t3 and I don’t have that much silver and I didn’t hone beyond 1415 yet. A lot of people lie and don’t admit whether they RMT or just whale.

I’m just using myself as comparison.

He has spent similar amount of real life money and time as I have.
Silver wise he looks like a copy of me.
Gold wise he looks like he uses tradeable GHL to hone while I sell mine so he is 5 hones ahead of me while I have 300k more gold than he does. So honing / gold wise I have been luckier than the op.

Kirihito WHAT A C H A D <3

reason why u dont see 1490-1500 flex posts in the forums is know they whale or rmt hard. 1460-1470 is a baby compared to them and is totally reachable by a few people f2p. only if u play 12-16 hours a day since release. both extremes are unhealthy still.

This pity was painful to watch :tired_face:
If my luck is now gone… I swear… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Thats epic. Shame you’re not a paladin.

Bro you are literally crying on EVERY post lmao

Yeah 1460 is totally reachable for f2p players (hard core f2p) im at 1457 right now (and i have like 800 bound GHL)