How to kick 2 BOT in BOSS RUSH anyone can help?


You can’t

just do bossrush solo

and yes a support class with dps engravings, can do bossrush solo aswell without a problem

You sure the zerk is a bot?


Yeah that could just be a weird name. I think a good rule is if you can pronounce it, even barely it might be a real player

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Do they auto attack and use skils? If so and you have plenty of tickets just afk. Maybe the’ll clear it for you. If not, well you just ruined 2-3 bots day. But also your own. But it’s worth it, not really. But sort of, but not really.


auto attack and use skill and standing same spot at boss rush same roster lvl 36

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yeah 100%

the zerker is not a mokoko
ie he has a high level character

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we had a bot in the party. Guys didn’t want to play with him, he didn’t respond to chat, his name made no sense and he just bounced around in the same place. The leader of the party sent him a varm, the table jumped, we agreed and he was gone.

also i think the bot is only the first one.

btw guys. we play Czechs and Slovaks here, some of our names are unpronounceable for you. such a tongue twister. Be careful with who is and who is not a bot.

You can easily judge who is bot and who is not, from their profile.

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Warn and then vote kick. But dont know if it works with 2 bots.

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i know it.You are right. I wanted to say that they should not judge only by the name. Most of you won’t say our names.

Maybe the normal boss rush. Hard Mode is terrible for supports, even with a full DPS set.

pls make a picture next time you see in hardmode Bossrush a Bot pls

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