How to limit bots?Limit that one computer can open multiple games!

Limit that one computer can open multiple games,Just like that, you can’t do it!

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It’s not that easy bro. How can you tell if a person is using a multiboxing tool that mimics a different computer with different ip. All this can be done with free softwares.
Also steam already done that guess what doesnt work.

It’s not free. It needs 21 RMB

Multiboxing tool? They can pirate for free.
VPN tool even private ones they can buy ones for cheap as hell. They can even get their own server for really cheap.

No, a friend of mine told me it wasn’t what you thought. This is a tool that can open eight games on one computer

Yes it is a type of multiboxing tool called VM = Virtual Machine. Even if it isnt free commercially it can be pirated and used. There are many other multiboxing tools.
what i am trying to demonstrate to you is that there is so many ways to get past your so called limit to one computer. That this is feedback is useless.

Every major Hypervisor now support DX11 which LOA requires. Trivial outside of hardware costs to run multiple virtual machines on the same box each with a dedicated GPU.