How to make gold before level 50?

As per the title, what’s the best way to make gold before level 50, and when you’ve unlocked sailing? Is it even possible to make gold at this stage?

I look upon some of the items in the AH, and I am left staggered: “how is it even possible to get the level of gold required?!”

All you can do is to sell what you get from trade skills and/or items that aren’t bound.
Before you could get some gold from rapports but that’s been abused by bots so they changed it.
Before you hit the late game, the best way is you flip the market for profit (at least that was/is the case for me)

You don’t need gold pre 50. Just do your quests untill you finish shushire. You get enough starter gold from quests and challanges

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As per my initial post, it’s specifically to get shinies from the AH. It just seems insurmountable.

What shinies???

skins, mounts, pets.

You joking now? You barely started the game and think about skins? You get your pet and starter mount in Prideholme already. Every mount has fixed movement speed so it doesn’t matter at the beginning… rarer mounts’ dashes are not worth the money they get you like 0.1s advantage. There are no legendary pets yet so any epic is enough for now… ofc they are used in ship missions but they are not mandatory at all. Please focus on game for now. Cosmetics later

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I didn’t know playing a game was contingent on other peoples’ thought processes. Obviously I cannot afford them now, but there is no justification required in seeing something and aiming for it. Whether it provides an advantage or not. In the same way someone does not need to justify a liking for a particular cosmetic over another.

I appreciate it might be a while until I can get anything like that, but as I asked initially, the question was how to make gold early on, not what to spend it on.
Based on other responses, it seems making gold at all will be scant until level 50, that pretty much answers the question.

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You can’t afford them yet because the game knows you don’t need them … bro literally they are just COSMETICS they don’t make you progress faster. You will get your gold just playing

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Answering your question for good:
You can’t make a high amount of gold early phases, the reasons:
The game is already month+ old so most players passed early progression
There aren’t much items to sell, maybe except collectibles for adventure tomes but the early zones are camped by bots so they are cheap and FOR SURE not worth the time grinding instead of progressing

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At no point did I suggest anything to do with progress. I said ‘shinies’, and I explained: skins, mounts, pets.

Please don’t put words in my mouth.

As for your latter point, I’m assuming that’s general content playing, rather than endgame?

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At this point not sure what are you asking about.
You will get gold needed for honing just playing through content. Every abyssal dungeons gives a bit of gold (as a reward, honing mats and engraving books), there are achievments next to your minimap, some of them give a bit of gold. BUT still I believe it won’t be enough for any skin. To get more gold you need to learn the market like selling trade skill mats like fish, flowers BTW don’t skip these, try to use every life energy every time it’s full, it takes around 30mins to use all but 2 days to recover. You can sell your tradeable honing materials either on main or alt, but obviously it will slow down your progress of ilvl. Idk what else would you like to know.


Thank you, this actually clarifies a lot more!
Essentially I want to aim to get a number of items from the AH, think of them as long term goals. You’ve pointed out the means of getting there, and that helps give me an idea of what I need to do.

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If you really need something it’s possible to barter gold from other players for Royal crystals which are $ paid currency.

You used to be able to sell collectibles and flowers for a good price but the bots ruined that, as well there’s a current investigation into players buying skins from the AH being banned because the seller refunded their purchase on Steam. I’m sitting at 4K from selling flowers but that’s about it. I haven’t done any 50+ content yet. I do occasionally run into a collectible still worth 100g but it’s pretty rare, most things are 1-2g now.