How to make money if the chaos dungeon vendor mats are now bound?

question in the title

They can always have more events to give people materials to hone or increase the gold reward in raids because bots cant complete 1370+ raids. They just want to make sure bots have less ways to farm gold and RMT so they can focus on helping players progress and not bots. We will see what happens, but they need to make decisions quick since bots have been dominating and taking their profits since launch, they just need to give players better char-bound rewards so you dont need gold.

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Alts, I didn’t know people made money any other way

No one made gold from infinite chaos unless they automated the process.

You make gold from unas, argos, oreha, valtan, lucky drops

Edit: oh yeah, adventure islands give like ~700g aswell. Forgot that one.

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What r u talking about, it’s only the infinite chaos dungeon mats thats going to be bound right? So u still get ur dailies worth thats tradable.

If your primary source of gold is from running infinite chaos dungeons then u r either crazy or a using a bot.

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which unas tasks give gold?

Una tokens…

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i never farmed infinity chaos dungeons and just do my 2 daily chaos dungeons. but i thought people do that get more mats and gold

People did for a few weeks after launch but after that next to nobody does infinite

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My dude did you read the notes

“Chaos Dungeon exchange vendor rewards have been adjusted to be character bound.”

Its the exchange vendor from running infinite chaos, not when run normally

I believe its only for endless chaos dungeon, but either way you only get tradeable reds and blues that keep losing value and will eventually be 1 gold and you should be using it to upgrade ytour main or alts

The main way to make gold is selling big leaps for about 100 each. Argos/Oreha give about 3200 for 1370 and 5100 gold for full argos, Valtan gives 3500 or 4500 dep on difficulty

Thats 8600 gold a week on a 1415 character + if you include leapstones that about 10 leapstones x 7days =7k gold so around 15k gold a week.

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Its only mats from the infinite chaos vendor that are bound. No one makes significant money from infinite chaos unless they bot.

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I run a few infinite chaos if I’m done with all my chores for the week, extra few mats and a bit of gold.
It’s not a major source of income or anything but it added up.
I’ll miss the gold but at least you can still farm them for your own purpose.

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thank you all for answers. i didnt know people dont farm infinity chaos dungeons anymore

some will miss the gold it’s true but…you get to use the mats for your own purposes and this shuts down a main reason for bots to farm…it’s a big win against the bots