How to make the game better?

Hello, my name is Elano.

**Small presentation**

I play LA since launch and I have 2 332 hours played on steam.

I also played on many KR MMOs like Aion (for 12 years), BnS (for 6 years), MxM, BDO, GW and GW2, Tera (for 3 years) and Bless Online.

I love Korean MMO’s I even launched a website and created a Database for Aion named LFStrat, with thousand guides and fun tools. (Still waiting for the LA’s API…! BTW).

I’m used to find Korean Game Editors to be very lacking on the communication part (NCSOFT / SMILEGATE = 0 communication) I’m also used to bad Western Editors like Gameforge or NCWEST.

Not gonna lie at first when the game launched I was Happy that AGS took Lost Ark under its wings (Trust me with Gameforge as editor lost ark would have been dead in a month). But after 11 months, I kinda tried to understand what AGS and SG are doing… And damn… You guys are terrible at editing the game for the West and it’s a shame.

You guys really don’t know what you’re doing and it’s starting to show. You really I mean REALLY need to do something ASAP if you want the game to be still out in 4 or 5 years from now.

**Some suggestions**

So here’s my opinion about what should be changed ASAP in the west so the game will feel less like a second job and feels less toxic. OF COURSE you can have your own opinion and if you disagree with what i’ll say it’s totally okay. Just giving some suggestions here. (not like they’re going to be heard anyways lol)

The Bots problem:

  • Instead of applying restrictions on High level players do it on Mokokos!
  • You shouldn’t be able to use the market or the glod shop if you are a Mokoko.
  • Why giving a Punika Pass to the new players? You shouldn’t be able to purchase or apply a Pass if you don’t already have a lvl 50 char or even 55. on your account! or if you are still a mokoko. Low level zones are completely empty and you only have bots there now. It’s not normal!
  • Give us back the possibility to put 20 items per char. on the market but put a restriction if the acccount is a mokoko OR if they don’t have the Cristal Aura up.

The Pheons:

IMO, they shouldn’t exist at all this is the shittiest way you could have milked us… BUT since they exist you should improve the way they are used cause it’s part of the toxic gatekeeping new players and veterans are facing since launch and it’s going to be worse and worse as the game’s develop. everyone is fed up about this fake currency and making them disappear would make the game 100 times better instantly! No joke!

If you really want to keep it for the money and the short term (since clearly with all the bad decisions you guys are making the game will not last very long) here is my suggestions.

  • No more pheon taxes on weapon skins or avatar skins / outfits in the market.
  • No more pheon taxes on trades between same roster characters
  • If you want to trade a friend / guildmate the pheon cost should be half the normal price of the pheon taxe.
  • Overall pheon taxes should be reduced and completely removed T1 / T2 weapons/ Accessories etc…

The communication:

Well, not gonna lie it’s bad… really bad you almost never communicate with your playerbase and when you communicate with us it always feels like we are talking to a wall. Like when you ask if we wanted to keep the golden frog and we said with a big majority that we wanted the event extended and you did the opposite… WHAT’S THE F***** POINT OF ASKING OUR OPINION IF YOU DON’T LISTEN???

  • You guys could do WAYYYYYYYYYYY better!
  • NEVER ASK for our opinion if you’re not gonna listen.
  • Talk about the problems you are facing. We don’t know what you guys are doing. You should give us some informations about the disconnexions and the bots and all in advance so we don’t stay blind wondering if you really are doing something to correct the problem or not.
  • The disconnexions fiasco is a shame. Should be adressed RIGHT NOW!
  • Give us back the golden frog! please?


If you really want the game to feel western you should do a real work of westernazing it! Stop doing bullcrap things like censoring skirts and changing character skin colors… WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT it’s stupid and doing nothing for the game you just look like clowns.

  • Why do you have to do everything twice in this game? 2 chaos, 2 guardians on every characters… If you have 6 char it’s 12 chaos and 12 guardians per day… it’s absolutely stupid and boring! After 1 or 2 char I just want to kill myself… and on top of that I’m supposed to do Legion raids and all? Really? No wonder we have insane gatekeeping no one has time to waste wiping.
  • Stop censoring the game! This is shitty on every level and shouldn’t be a thing. We play on Korean MMO style because guess what? we love the style! shocked pikachu No one would ever had a problem with a white demon form SH or a outfit little too revealing or the artist if you never censored them in the first place.
  • Put more clothes and skins in the shop! We are STARVING on the Western version 2 outfits per month? it’s a joke.
  • Instead of removing the skins from the shop, UPDATE THEM every now and then like adding skins to existing outfits for the newly released classes especially if, you know… they were available on the KR version!
  • Give us back the asian character customs you removed at launch in the character customisation! I play a Korean game because you know… I like the style!
  • 4 months to realease a new class? REALLY? WTF! The people who made this decision should be fired without notice.

Final notes

PLEASE! Give us the artist BEFORE the Witcher event! At this point it’s just common sense.

Well… If you have any more ideas on what could make the game better don’t hesitate to add an answer to this post. Please be kind. It’s just my opinion and If you disagree well give us a better idea ^^


There is zero barrier to entry into the game. Any changes they make in game are going to hurt the average player more than the bots themselves, because the bots don’t care. There will always be a way around a limitation since a bot is just another player, only being run via script.

The developmental costs of dealing with this specific problem to our version is likely outside of the scope of what SG is willing to pay to find a permanent solution.

Pheon’s suck but they are a smart system. They drive the purchase of RC → BC → Gold. Without Pheon’s there would be far less need to have BC’s since most everything else in the shop doesn’t impact your direct player and character progression. Forcing you to buy Pheon’s when you want to kit out a character is to drive profits, they’re never going to be removed.

At least in KR they are lowering the Pheon cost on older things, which probably should have happened a year ago.

Again. You cannot touch the game in any way that removes profit.

Yeah the communication sucks.

These are not westernization problems, these are SG not wanting to remove the daily chores. It’s dangerous to remove reasons for players to be forced to log in and repeat content every day as if you aren’t on the game, you might be playing a different game.

I hate the daily chore loop, it’s boring and mundane and sucks the fun out of the good parts of Lost Ark, but it’s clearly not going anywhere.

Sure, I agree.

Artist should have come out with like Glavier to have given the 3rd Support a chance to take hold and make it’s way into players 6 gold earners back before we all invested heavy into our Rosters. Releasing in April is a stupid decision, even releasing now is still pretty much to late to make any noticeable impact on the support issues.

Nice effort you put into writing this. It’s a shame that the AGS wont give a slightest fuck about it.


Yeah… I know :confused: But hey maybe we’ll have a new year’s miracle.

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For the chaos/guardian part I know it’s not westernization but It kinda can be? They already made changes to the core of the game like the cristal aura it’s completely different from the KR one. or the fact that they litteraly removed the Jar system cause of “P2W” which given the stats it’s not really…

For the pheons I know they won’t remove it they want easy money instead of doing a real work on monetization. You know… the easy way to milk players as fast as possible instead of the long run. ('Cause we all know it worked before on other now dead games lol).

But they can with a bit of work do better, way better on that point and NO pheons are not a smart system it’s pretty much the opposite of smart. The only smart part is buisiness wise because people have to pay to kit out a new alt… Which to me is absolutely awfull and shitty. Also it contributes greatly to the toxicity of the community and the insane gatekeeping we are facing right now.

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I dont think they can make it much better without really hard work.

  • They should remove pheon. Its a sh*t system
  • Get rid of UE3 engine. Its buggy, slow, outdated
  • Creating some beginner helper system where you can obtain skins and other fun stuff by helping little mokokos doing dungeons and stuf and they can leave a positive feedback about you if they are not on your friend list
  • Give some real reward for doing Hell modes
  • Class theme skins not just these regular jeans and shirt stuff
  • 1 chaos and 1 guardian / character
  • A complete engraving system rework or rework the useless ones that nobody want to use
  • Making more hybrid class that can be dps but can be a solid Support too and make it easier to change between these builds (so if support is needed you just change the build without spending 500k gold)

But these are more like what I want and not what the game needs.


@OminousOnion @Roxx

It’s really boring when Amazon hesitate with answers for many things. Like you don’t want to make a take (statement of what company going to do with noticed problems.)
Like server lags, disconnects, bots, issues with roadmap (class not content - release rest now so people could play what they wanted).
I work in world company, similar level to Amazon, and this is weird that you hesitate with answers and decisions (some of your team’s decisions are really stupid - world map thing)
I think you know, and your bosses know that time=money. If you wait, you lose players, so you lose more money for no reason. I understand that you are pretty new to this sort of business (games) but you need to move your asses and start making a decent move. Because this isn’t leading to a good point in game and your business.

Time=money - you need to work under pressure and start making good decision, if not people will just leave and lost ark will be played by max 20k people. Which is a shame for such a big title.

And one last thing, waiting for releasing a content because you need to do not important changes is just shot in the foot. Because company is loosing time for a such not necessary thing. When they could that use that manpower for other more important things. Like releasing good content (thoughtful). Which make people come, increasing business of this title, and get rid of problems. That mistakes that company doing on this scale is just unforgivable for that sort of business. And it’s not good if you’re thinking I’m wrong. Just keep this in mind, and let this know to your bosses.

Class is not a content.
Class is used to play content.
And there are no matters if we wait for class 4 months, or they release others missed classed right now. In content state, this won’t make any difference. It will just allow people to play what they want and allow them to play other stuff. More supports, for example. THIS WILL JUST MAKE THE GAME MORE ENJOYABLE FOR PEOPLE.
For real, tell me that no one of Amazon teams didn’t thou about it?
Example obvious one!:
What is the difference between male berserk and female berserk, that people will need to wait more than 4 months for it? JUST A MODEL AND SKINS. THAT’S IT, but if this class going to be release in Kr. You literally don’t need to change anything. Just translate what is needed and release it a week or two later. Because you literally don’t need to do anything (skins, model).

To be clear, our version of the game didn’t even need to wait for other classes, we just could have it day 1 and rest goes Kr road with releasing them even same time as KR (just look at BDO for this example).


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