How to not be toxic in pvp?

how ppl cannot be toxic in this games ranked?all players are random.mmr are total tresh.clases not ballanced.teams not balanced.and they doing 0 about this only mute+ban for toxic language…so tell me how to not be toxic?
so hard to make premade ranked?
so hard to fix mmr to 2k rated not getting with 1400?
about clases ballance need to speek a lot all who playing this game know what is what.
and in the end so hard to make auto balanced tms?like if 1 tm have paladin or bard then other should have to 1 of them.somtimes 2 paladins or bards getting in 1 tm other tm got nothing.
thes things makes ppl angry and games lost.

Having self-control, and if that doesn’t work disable chat

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its not an option