How to not get caught by Shadow Arrow from Sharpshooter?

How to ? You cant dash, u cant run, u cant nothing. Just Sorceress blink trought it ? If he comes to the center of the arena you simply cant run, cause you cant out range it. How to dodge this ? Thanks!

Haven’t found a consistent way but if you are playing a class with any kind of turret it can tank it… For instance Artillerist or Bard!

You can’t when its aimed in your direction but it has a limited distance so he cant cross map with it. Since hes unprotected It can be used as an opportunity. It takes three to stun you so you have two chances to engage You’ll want to initiate before or predict when he’ll shoot it again.

Melee classes will struggle catching him so IF you can feel him out and remember what skills he has and what style he likes to play.

Press spacebar as the third arrow is about to hit you if you already have two stacks. Spacebar gives debuff immunity which includes stuns. You can also try to outrange and reset the stack count.

Can space the 3rd arrow land hard cc on him or run around your ally to misdirect the shot if he has tracking shot.

As sorc you can use frost call or that lightning orb to stop him and set up your combo as sharpshooter is squishy as heck.

The skill locks to the closest target so is not effective in 3v3.

spacebar the 3rd one…
or blink if ur a sorc

kite it, or dash the 3rd