How to permenantly fix AUTO purchasing macros

In addition to what you already have in place I would suggest a purchase limit on all item for example
Tier 1 30 items per hour
Tier 2 15 items per hour
Tier 3 5 items per 2 hours.
This would slow macro purchases even if they have 1000 bots.

Great idea!

When i make an alt i can then get 5 accessoires
And have to wait 2 hours to get 5 casino stones
If they cut unlucky i have to wait another 2 hours to try again…

Oh lets try honing damn i need more mats. Lets buy some. Oh worked okay get some more. Ah damn have to wait 2 hours… welp

For real tho. Do u guys with those insane “solutions” take something before coming up with it?
Or is the thought process like 2 seconds without thinking 1 step ahead?


you want to be able to buy 5 items an hour?

I buy thousands in bulk when upgrading a char, what do you mean 5?

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Yep he/she really thought about that idea and saw no flaws at all.

Forums are something else

What i was referring to was non critical items like gems for example where the bots are buying any gems below 20 gold then putting them back up for 25 gold. But i guess the only other way to fix that would be to make them non tradable after purchase like the scrolls are now. Which i could live with as well. Should do this to all player made items as well.