How to play LA on SteamDeck [Currently Un-Supported version]

For those out there like me who bought a SteamDeck and want to play LA on it, here are some steps in doing so until the game is supported! Don’t fall for the free streaming service selling marketers. You can play LA at home on your Deck for free!

Play LA with your Deck in steps:

Make sure both devices are using the same internet connection
Ensure you’ve logged into your Steam account on your primary LA PC and your SteamDeck
Enabled Remote Play under Steam Settings on your PC rig
Check to ensure Remote Play is functioning on the Deck
Start LostArk on your PC
On your Deck go to the LostArk game app, beside the play button should be a drop down select your PC “Your Computer Name here”
Select “Connect/Stream” where the “Play/Download” button was on the steamdeck app of LA
Now you’re playing LA on your Steamdeck

Have fun! Hopefully we’ll get support for the game soon! I can say that playing it on the Deck is a treat and would be the best experience if it was supported and played by the SteamDeck itself.

Game on!

Gilmagnus [Heroic Founder] of server Azena

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All smilegate needs to do is put in the anticheat files provided by EAC on the folder so they work with proton under linux.