How to play Sorceress - combos/etc?

OK, probably stupid question here, but I thought I’d read or saw on Youtube something about “combos” with the spells/skills for Sorceress. But I can’t seem to find anything. Are there not really any combos? (ie: Skill 1 followed by Skill 2 = Combo Attack 1, etc) as in BDO?

I’m just starting out, so I’ve a lot to learn, so again, sorry for the dumb question.

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I’m not familiar with the Sorceress, but could it be the abilities that are combo abilities? That means say your combo ability is bound to “E”. To do a combo you would click “E” to start the ability then “E” again at the end to do the combo. Some combos will be like “First click is a charge” then at the end of the charge click the ability again to do an uppercut hit.

For combos, when you look at your buttons on the hotbar, the abilities with the 2 > symbols are combo abilities… meaning when you initiate that spell, hit the same button again to combo it. Not meant combo that and another ability. I thought that at first as well.


Combos in Lost Ark is simply skills chained together that the opponent can not break. You can look at it as juggles in fighting games. Launcher->Filler->Ender. Typically you start off with a hard CC, knock-up or knock-down (can be broken with getup skill in pvp) then try to cram as many skill before CC is over, or extend CC for more combo.

In PvP combos often start with a stagger skill tough. In your example the Sorc: you could start it with the electric orb thingy to stagger then the big fire pillar to knock up then place the exploding crystal under the knock up which explodes as the victim lands. (sorry don’t know the skill names :wink: )