How to play the game?

Went to play Brelshaza new raid on my 3rd brel ready alt.
I have no static for that one, already got one for 2 chars, so I have to pug.

  1. All parties are 6/8 waiting for support.

  2. I create my own party of juicers. We get stuck at 6/8 for 2 hours straight.

  3. One support joins. We engage in chit chat with him to keep him occupied so he won’t leave.

  4. We wait 1 extra hour.

  5. Another support joins.

  6. We start the raid.

  7. First play, someone gets disconnected with SPELPWP. We restart and wait for him.

  8. While we wait for him to reconnect, 2 more people disconnect.

  9. The first guy comes back, now we wait for the 2.

  10. While we wait, I get disconnected as well.

  11. By the time I join, 3 other people were already disconnected while the previous 2 reconnected.

  12. We wait for the other 3 to reconnect.

  13. At this point it’s about 4 hours since i booted up the game to play the brelshaza new raid and haven’t gotten to do so yet.

  14. The other 3 reconnect, at fight start,another one disconnects. When we want to restart, I disconnect as well.

  15. When I get back in the game, the party already disbanded.

  16. Back in the party finder, all parties are 6/8 support.

  17. My choice is to go back to point 2, or ragequit uninstall.

  18. ???

  19. So therein lies the question.

How to play your game, devs?


Simple - just wait till something else comes out. It was obvious from the start and going on since release that if management don’t stop with lies, no communication and other fiestas - game will become worse and worse unless drastic changes happens on DEV approach on player base and game. Something similar what happened with ff14. At this point in my opinion is LA closing in on that edge of no return or something major must happened if they want game to have future.