How to play, those who live in Ukraine??

Hello everyone. When the game was released in the ru segment, the Ukrainians did not get the opportunity to play this game, since our state has hoarded a large amount of the resources of the Russian Federation, as a result of which it fell under the sanctions of Here comes the European version I’ve been waiting for. But it turns out that we are not in the list of European countries, respectively, and allowed on the servers. There is nothing but fraud with VPN and the creation of a new steam account. My question is the following. What should we do? Residents of Ukraine?


Does not get tired of the answer. Since there is no way to play Lost Ark in Ukraine. We are a European country, why didn’t you include us in your list??

Please search the forums first before posting. is under Ukrainian sanctions and is prohibited to do any business in Ukraine.
All of its servers are also banned in Ukraine.

The ban and sanctions were put into action 5 years ago, in 2017.

Why was able to get Lost Ark rights for Ukraine?


Shouldn’t you be like packing up your stuff and moving as close as you can to the Polish border right now instead of playing a video game… I mean by all accounts WW3 may very well start IN YOUR COUNTRY…

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It’s unknown who decided the map, but this happened in BDO as well, another Korean game: the Russian publisher bought the rights to publish the game in all former soviet states, like they are buddies or something. (Spoiler: they aren’t, most of them want or already joined EU)

Who knows who is behind all this, politics involved clearly and the Korean side either doesn’t care or was paid by Russians well. The Russians bought Lost Ark publishing rights years before Amazon became a publisher, so the rights over former soviet states, including Ukraine were already sold.

This is sad, but unless Amazon can buy the rights to publish in Ukraine and the Russian publisher is willing to sell it, if that’s even possible, you can’t officially play in NA/EU region.

I think playing LA is the least of your worries now sadly

The Javelins and AK-74 won’t be distributed till the war actually starts

So I think it’s perfectly fine to play LA meanwhile

Ukraine is not part of the EU. If you mean Europe, geographically, then Russia up to the Ural Mountains is also part of it. holds the publishing rights of the game for your territory. As long as they do not give up these rights, or the developer withdraws them, if contractually possible at all, this situation will not change. Game studios usually do not interfere in political affairs. In fact, it was Ukraine’s decision to block certain Russian services.

Anyways, you guys can play via VPN, on Russian servers, or on EU servers. (also Korea) is blocking most EU countries for Gaming, because of the publishing rights. So I played via VPN from Germany.

Yes, Ukrainian government prohibited to do any business in Ukraine and banned all of its servers.

So the cannot legally operate in Ukraine. That’s the point.

Just now, I wrote a mail to Smilegate explaining the situation.
Don’t have much hopes, but still.


если есть администраторы которые могут написать розрабам , помогите нам пожалуйста , я лично очень хочу поиграть в Lost Ark

With all due respect. Should playing LA be the top of your priorites right now? Regardless VPN is basicly your choice. Or change your windows region under region and time in the controll pannel. Might work.

Updated: it is extremely easy to install and play LostArk for Ukrainians, even the shop is working :slight_smile:
I am trying to find answers. I log in with the old amazon account that I used to get deliveries from USA shops to Ukraine through 3rd party delivery company. When I registered for this forum I was asked to link Steam account. In the preferences, I saw “choose time zone: Europe\Kiev” What an irony. :smiley: Also it is Kyiv, not Kiev.
As a game developer myself, who made the Metro series(Last light and Exodus), I oppose any connection to Russia or “CIS”. Even right now, with such terrific news, I am still residing in Kyiv and waiting for war, and playing lots of games. Do you think it is strange? I can ask the same about you :slight_smile:
I hate region lock. Mind-boggling how starting from 2014, we still receive such restrictions. It is proof that Koreans do not have a clue. They are the only country that should understand Ukraine.
I used VPN and it seems to work. But I wish to see Ukraine I in the list of regions that have access. And be sure, I will participate in everything that will make Ukraine not under russian influence in such matters.

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Also, is a part of russian propaganda. on their news sites you can read everything that falls under “propaganda”.

Well, if you don’t play the lost arc, then we are waiting for Elden Ring, which will be released in a week)) is same like, and so on. They don’t write the news, the link favorite news from different sources, that are also given.
Perhaps they are paid to prioritize certain content. Just like all the other sites of that kind in the West. So you can call it same propaganda like in EU, US, etc. and there is a lot of it everywhere. Even here in Germany, there’s a lot of deliberately misrepresented news about Ukraine and about Russia, or to take a good example, about the recent events in Kazakhstan.

By the way, since the Ukrainian government does not expect its citizens to distinguish between propaganda and real news, as well as to form their own opinion, this is called censorship. :wink:

Edit: If you’re really a game dev of Metro, GJ. Loved the games and was surprised how close they are to the books.

Pretty sure the OP is on the frontlines now holding an AK WISHING he was playing Lost Ark.

pfff "Russian warship. Go fuck yourself

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What’s your fking problem? Except beeing stupid.