How to play with 10k queue?

I mean seriously, I cannot play 12h a day and can log in here and there over the day and it is great that in this game you can do short activities like guardians and chaos dungeons.

Now with 10k queue whenever you want to play, it is just impossible to play at all.
Need to wait 1h+ to even login.
So could I go afk and check after 2h? Nope because if I am away to long, the game kicks me out again for being afk.

Like wtf is this?

Killing the game at its finest.

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There are no queues when you dont log out.

Use team viewer xD

I would be logged in over night if the game wouldn’t kick me out because I am afk.

maybe I should also get a script like the other 600k “players”

for what?

You can check from your Phone if your still in queue or move your character so u dont get kicked xD

You go play V rising or something. I would not wait hours to play Lost Ark, not gonna lie.

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point is that i CANNOT play LA with this queue because most of the time I can only log for 1-2h at a time, so with this queue it is just not possible

how to play with 10k queue? well… you don’t! because if your server is filled with bots then hard luck to you. the only time you’ll have no issues at least for a few days maybe is when they do a ban wave so bots need to login with new accounts etc and create their “gRGunujhnh” names etc…