How to please the community with an easy QoL Change

  • Make all bound mat roaster bound < no more useless leapstone trashed for nothing
  • Remove pheon cost to transfert stuff by mail to our alts. / give the ability to put them in roaster storage < well obviously lost ark is supposed to be alt friendly soooo ?



just allow people to transfer all gear via roster storage why use mail?


yea, badly writen but this was the idea

This 100%, so I can finally trash my least favorite alts with thousands of bound leaps for good and focus more on the 6 gold chars

Yeah as jackel said, sending through mail can be ‘abused’ by friends, guilds, or even RMT sites offering accessories for real money and 0 pheons, the ability to put in roster storage should be enough.

The only “problem” I see with this, is that the accessories have an item level lock for trading, but not equipping.
So technically you could play a 302 T1 character, take out 1415 relic necklace and put it on

It is similar when you kill Moake pre 1370 or Thunderwings pre 1415, you still get the accessories and can equip them. You just can’t buy them from auction house if you are below the item level, so they would have to change the item restriction to prevent abuse (is it abuse? Making alts overpowered with high item level stuff)

I would love that option to move stuff in the roosterstorage.
But, it will never happen.

Imagine what happens to the AH, if we are able to help ourselfes. It will die, and with it, the use of pheons, wich means, less money for ags.

Thats not defined as Quality of life, since it directly affects resources and the economy, so its a core game change.

But yes, very good change nonetheless.

so you want everything for free?


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Second that.
As for items above char level, make it so lower char level cant retrieve higher level items from roster storage.

learn to speak cause this isn’t qol. you spend less gold on bc and less time playing the game, they will never do this.

That’s why this post is about quality of life,

not about Moar money for amazon.

Pheon will stay, because ofc money, but at least they should remove it when trading with our own alts :wink: (it make total Common Sense to be able to give an alt a nice stone you got for him on another char without paying, as it is now that’s the kind of bad design (they will say “business intelligence” ) that are only in place to milk players

Pretty sure neither are actually free. Mats they earned however due to the tier system became useless with no way to convert. Same goes for transferring items, they worked for those items, ergo not free.

Regardless if they do allow transferring items within roster it would need to reduce it’s tradability similar to buying or selling, otherwise it would get abused to hell.

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No. Alt friendly, but stuff your alt properly

I wish man, SG is too greedy for this to ever happen


that’s quite the point of the post ?

As convenient as it would be, it functions this way for a reason.

Chaos/unas drop bound and guardians drop unbound leapstones. There’d be very little reason to do guardians ever if you could feed alt bound leapstones to main.

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Bump Bump

Wait really? I never knew that lol. I had one in my bag for a while on my main before i could use it. Thats funny.

You trying to tell me you dont run out of leapstones? I have 450 on my 1415 deadeye because i stopped upgrading him. I could use all of those in about 30 minutes and still need more. You will always want to run guardians unless you arent upgrading any of your characters any more. It would save you gold or time or whatever because you could use them, but the number of them you have will always be a problem.

Bound leapstones being roster bound would completely crater the cost of leapstones on the AH, and make guardians not worth the time.

I only do them just to sell the leapstones. I’m just saying it’s designed this way for a reason, not to inconvenience you.