How to present a proper Roadmap

This is what we were expecting for Western version, but we only got notes on a website everytime…
Even does it better by far


better yet, do a LOA-style video and actually present the roadmap live with reasoning and questions from the viewers


My dude, it was shown in videos that devs from ags don’t even know what they’re talking about …


I believe that communication between AGS and SG isn’t that great so they don’t have set dates for everything nor details for every single little update. Therefore, it’s hard to give concrete dates with proper layout for players because dates are always shifting and they don’t know when shits going to hit the fan so it’s better to give estimation in case such thing do happen.

We’d end up having Cyfy leading it and being absolutely clueless. Unlike Storm Chaser who presented Loaon and actually plays the game actively.


paint picture of a sharp stick - are you not excited over our marketing?!

Dude they cant even do this for their own game that they made … U think they will do this for a game they just publishing :joy:


yes the kr version is so much better and they have cute little web events that give small stuff like battle item chests and unas complete tickets

Best i can give you is a 35kb sized jpeg picture with a date underneath

Wrong. It was WAAAAAAAY better than that. You don’t understand, it was “Hype Marketing!”.
It was a .gif !!!


Oh gosh darn, how could i be so oblivious to that? Thank you for enlighting me!

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It’s pretty sad what we get next to JP/RU/KR, like High School levels of web design. I’m not sure why a 3 trillion dollar company can’t figure this out.

you act like the people who made that aren’t the exact some ones who provided the info for ours.

you’re literally only crying about formatting.

Presentation means a lot to community and especially newbies. It’s absolutely essential in product development, particularly for live services.


It’s called doing the bare minimum in order to maximize profit

They have to write blocks of text and put in pictures… it would be so much better if we had videos on all of this like KR then got a clean laid out roadmap like this… but instead it’s written like a blog post cause it seems they have a need to explain what’s coming without actually explaining that much cause communication is poorly presented.

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That is something that I do not really get from AGS tho, like how difficult is it to hire someone who actually plays and love the game at the same time?

if you love something and you want to change it for the “better” , ofc in your image, just learn the craft , become best at it and apply for a job …really simple :banana:

I mean…

you are literally comparing a roadmap with tons of new content for months down the line to ours which is for only 2 months…

You don’t need a roadmap like that for 2 months.
When one page can fit it all.

can you link the video?