How to Reduce Bots @LA

This is guidance to AGS and SG to reduce the bot problem. Feel free to use them and use the points in combination instead of separately!

Step 1: Mats are roster bound
Step 2: Sending gold by mail is blocked
Step 3: MFA with mobile number is required
Step 4: Bans with hardware ID
Step 5: Prices in the auction house may not be more than 50% above the average price of the last 7 days
Step 6: Increase the rates of mats in activities


  • Lower the price of gold
  • More skins in the store
  • LA B2P for a additional starting barrier (like 10€ and you get 30 days of free aura)

PS: Maybe we can get a few more Steps which I can add. We are customers of your product and this is some kind of requirements for it…